Downtown Grand officially marks its debut in downtown Las Vegas

Yesterday afternoon (11-12-13) at 14:15 (in military time), representatives from Downtown Grand and the city of Las Vegas gathered to celebrate the resort’s official launch with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Downtown Grand ribbon cutting

The opening celebration of Downtown Grand featured a ribbon cutting (from left: Seth Schorr, CEO of Downtown Grand and Fifth Street Gaming, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, former mayor Oscar Goodman and Bill Doak, first vice president of CIM Group)

The event was held on the steps of Downtown Grand’s Third Street entrance. Valley High School’s marching band was on hand to entertain onlookers. An employee from Pizza Rock, which is situated in the surrounding five-block neighborhood dubbed Downtown3rd, also came out and did a dough-tossing demonstration.

Doors to Downtown Grand, formerly the Lady Luck, first opened to the public on Oct. 27. CIM Group owns the modern boutique hotel while Fifth Street Gaming operates it and holds the gaming license.

“We encourage you to come, visit and hang out with us. You’re going to find the best value in the valley,” said Seth Schorr, CEO of Downtown Grand and Fifth Street Gaming. “We have great rooms. We have a highly professional hospitality staff, and I can honestly say – now starting our third week of operations – that I’m so proud of our team.”

Dough-tossing demonstration from Pizza Rock

An employee from Pizza Rock demonstrated his dough-tossing abilities as part of the festivities

Schorr thanked numerous supporters – ranging from other downtown casino owners (like Derek Stevens, CEO of the D Las Vegas, who “has made a personal donation at our craps table”) and boss Tony Hsieh to Breslin Builders, who did all of the construction, and city government officials, who have been instrumental in the public/private partnership behind the community’s revitalization.

Without a doubt, Downtown Grand is a great addition to downtown Las Vegas. It brings even more offerings to the already vibrant urban area. Together with the 12 bars and restaurants on the property and nearly 18 in the greater Downtown3rd vicinity, there are 629 rooms spread throughout two towers and more than 25,000 square feet of gaming space with 30 tables, a high-limit room, an 888 baccarat pit and approximately 600 slot and video poker machines. Plus, found along its Third Street façade, you can get shaved ice from Ninth Island, an espresso from the Art Bar and a corned beef sandwich from The Spread sports book and deli via walk-up windows or play blackjack at one of three tables positioned out on the sidewalk.

“Making the hotel part of the street is unique and the first of its kind in the city and, I believe, in the entire state of Nevada,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman, after expressing her enthusiasm and offering her best wishes to all of those involved in the resort’s redevelopment.

“The Lady Luck stood empty and sad for so long,” she continued. “To have a hotel come back revitalized, almost entirely rebuilt and to make such a mark here is simply incredible.”

Valley High School Band

The band from Valley High School provided entertainment at Downtown Grand's official opening event

The mayor attended the ceremony with her husband, former mayor Oscar Goodman – who was accompanied by a pair of showgirls and promptly served a martini.

He concurred with his wife and recalled how during his terms in office he would go to work every single morning and look out of his window on the 10th floor to see the shuttered Lady Luck, which he  usually described as “a rotting corpse,” “a carcass” and “a blight.”

“Each one of those references was preceded by an expletive. I promise you that,” joked Oscar Goodman of some past resentment he’d harbored when it didn’t seem like the project was progressing. “And then something happened, and it’s a miracle. We now have probably the greatest addition to downtown Las Vegas in personal memory with this wonderful, wonderful resort. I think the wait was worth it, and I think the curse words were worth it…because it all came through!”


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