All about that new: Caesars Entertainment gives a fresh makeover to these Vegas hotel rooms

You may be in Vegas once a year. Heck, you may be here five times. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. Sin City is always reinventing itself, so it’s nice to know it’ll never be like you left it. That includes Vegas hotel rooms.

Some of you may think a room is just, well, that but we know there’s a teensy bit of excitement when these guys get a makeover. Everyone always wants to stay in the new rooms, whether they’ve been to the hotel or not. Caesars Entertainment is on a kick these days: Caesars Palace’s Roman Tower finished transforming into the Julius Tower earlier this year. Rooms at Harrah’s and Planet Hollywood look more hip than ever. And sometime this spring, Paris Las Vegas is next in line for a redo.

Even in Vegas, we could all use a little new. Here’s a sneak peek:


Harrah’s Carnaval South rooms

Hey…introduce me to your sister! If rooms could talk, they’d probably be saying that about this Harrah’s Las Vegas room. For these new Carnaval South rooms, it looks like Harrah’s broke away from its typical “play it safe” neutral-toned décor. The wall mirror, geometric-designed accent wall and pops of royal purple give this room a stylish, contemporary kick. These rooms are available with two queens (shown above) or one king, with the option of smoking or non-smoking. Additionally, each room has a docking station, vanity area, HD 49-inch flat-screen TV and a rain shower. If you want a little more color, you can upgrade to a room with a Strip view. (We’d go with the Strip view.)

Julius Tower King Room. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Caesars Palace’s Julius Tower rooms

Talk about a facelift. If you  have stayed in a Roman Tower room before, there’s only one real way to describe it — dated. It totally needed a revamped look and we have to say Caesars Palace did a fine job reinventing it under its brand new name, Julius Tower. And when we say facelift, we’re not kidding either. The hotel tower makeover cost a whopping $75 million to redesign almost 600 rooms. The pops of cool blue and bright canary yellow bring life to the sleek décor. The headboard mirrors also add a nice touch. Each Julius Tower room offers a comfy sitting area, a 55-inch flat-screen TV and an oversized walk-in shower in its huge marble bathroom.

This isn’t the end of Caesars Palace’s makeover: The resort is already in the works of refurbishing the Augustus Tower rooms, set to finish later this year.


Planet Hollywood’s Ultra Hip rooms

Ultra hip? We’d say so, especially with all these gold accents, seen above. Available in one king or two queens, you can sleep in, roll around and get messy in Planet Hollywood’s signature luxury bedding. These rooms just rolled out last December, so yeah… they’re pretty dang new. And hey, if you felt like striking a pose on the chaise by the window, you might only be the fourth or fifth person to do so (and it’s a great selfie spot for Facebook). Each Ultra Hip room comes with a marble bathroom with a separate tub and shower.

These are just three of the new rooms you can book now in Vegas, but trust us — there will be more right around the corner. For now, we’re cool with kicking back in one of these spiffy digs (drink in hand, baby).


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