10 of the Best Las Vegas Chandeliers

They’re glittery. They’re glamorous. They’re excellent for staring at while you stroll through a casino right before you slam into a slot machine because you weren’t looking where you were going. In a city with this many lights, you’d better believe we know how to make a ceiling shine. These are a few of our favorites. Be sure to stop walking while you look at them. Safety first and all that.

This way, you end up in the chandelier before your drunk.

You should not try to swing from those.

The Chandelier bar

Starting off strong with something that’s not even really a chandelier, The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a bar that’s designed to resemble a giant chandelier. Like many bars that are made to resemble giant chandeliers – you know, that totally common thing – this spot has three levels that each bring out a different shade of the sheen. But no matter where you sit, you get to feel like you’ve been draped in diamonds as the shimmery strands dangle all around you. It’s really the closest you can get to actually being a chandelier without raiding Lady Gaga’s closet and duct taping yourself to the ceiling fan. Even if you did that, you would not make this list.

It's either a chandelier with a party around it or a party with a chandelier around it.

You shouldn’t try to swing from that either.


This one’s pretty much raised the bar for all chandeliers everywhere. Actually, it’s raised like five bars. And those bars are circular. Omnia at Caesars Palace boasts a huge, circular chandelier with multiple sections that rise up and down. They’re all covered in lights and they do different configurations. It’s exactly what would happen if the aliens from Close Encounters helped design a nightclub. DJs, that’s your cue to do a dubstep remix of that song that goes bowm, bowm, bowm, bowm, boooowm. Plus, this incredible chandelier is right here in Vegas, so you don’t have to drive all the way to Devil’s Tower.

If we could pick one flower and take it home, we'd... get in a lot of trouble.

You will break something if you try to swing from these.


They’re the perfect thing to look at when you’re waiting to check into the Bellagio and you just have to look away from your dad’s socks/sandals combo. Created by famed artist Dale Chihuly, Fiori di Como, which roughly translates to “those bright flowery umbrella-like things at the Bellagio,” is one of the most colorful and vibrant pieces in the already beautiful Bellagio. And it’s just steps away from the always lovely Bellagio Conservatory. So once you’ve finally got your room key and your dad has put his flip phone back in his leather fanny pack, you can keep the aesthetics rolling throughout your stay.

It's a spherical chandelier and does not resemble anything else.

There’s nothing to even grab onto on this one.

Planet Hollywood

Spheres play powerful roles in this universe. The Earth is a sphere. The sun is a sphere. The Death Star was a sphere. Sure, that last one didn’t work out so well for Alderaan. Consequently, Alderaan is no longer a sphere. But one sphere that is intact and still beautiful is the sphere chandelier at Planet Hollywood. It casts a glow over the escalators and adds a bit of brilliance to the casino. It may seem like a simple design, but the precision that goes into making such a piece is emblematic of the dedication that’s gone into making the Las Vegas Strip. Sorry to get sentimental. We’re still not over Alderaan.

It's so... pretty? Weird? Bulbous? We'll go with all of those.

Yes, we’ve thought about it too. But don’t try to swing from this one.

BLVD. Cocktail Company

We’re not actually sure what it is, or why it is, or where it came from. But we’re glad this glowing glob that packing peanuts probably pray to is around. BLVD. Cocktail Company was created by the same people who brought us Park on Fremont and Commonwealth. With their addition to the LINQ Promenade, they’ve gone dapper and daring all at the same time. The dapper part comes in the overall aesthetic and swagger of the place. The daring is in the assumption that the chandelier won’t one day hatch and release a swarm of hipsters who fly up to you and say, “I’d bite you, but biting is so over.” That would, of course, be an awesome thing to see, but then we’d have to replace an entry on this blog and we don’t want to do that.

It's just blue right now. We'll let you be surprised by the face.

It would be more like hanging, but don’t try that either.

Center Bar at SLS

We pretty much tossed out the traditional definition of a chandelier a long time ago. And SLS is a property that kind of tosses out traditional definitions all the time. So it works. The chandelier at the Center Bar at SLS is already much more than a casino bar. It’s got a swell little seating area and feels right at home in the industrial-inspired SLS. But when that chandelier starts glowing, swirling and displaying a face that might just be Bacchus, the god of wine (it’s probably not, but we can dream) you’ll definitely take notice. Just hope you haven’t had a few too many by that point. We… may have had an awkward conversation with that face about whether or not we could/should chug a bottle of Merlot. No one won that night.


These are way too nice for you to swing from.

Parasol Down

Most chandeliers require you to look up. They like that. If you didn’t know, chandeliers totally get off on people straining their necks. But Parasol Down at Wynn has bred a kinder, gentler form of chandelier that doesn’t mind being adored from the main floor of the casino. That actually works out really well since Parasol Down is set one story below the casino level. The chandeliers feel like they could only work in the Wynn, or maybe in a circus clown’s fever dream, but they bring a playfulness to the otherwise grand and elegant Wynn that makes Parasol Down and Up feel like a special place to let yourself indulge in some silliness – silliness like anthropomorphizing chandeliers for comedic effect.

You could actually probably reach these, but still don't.

You could actually probably reach these, but still don’t.

Wicked Spoon

We weren’t sure at first if the chandeliers at Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas were meant to look like fish. Then we heard that that was the inspiration. We also think they look a little bit like what would happen if you tried to deep fry a slinky. But that’s probably just because of our new restaurant idea where we deep fry people’s childhood toys. The playdough turned out good, but the teddy bear was an abomination. Thankfully they don’t serve any of our food at Wicked Spoon. Instead they go with a spectacular spread of delicious dishes you can enjoy in between glances at the ceiling. We’re actually staring at that picture right now and getting really hungry.

Yes, the chandeliers look like trees, but that doesn't mean you should climb or swing from them.

Yes, the chandeliers look like trees, but that doesn’t mean you should climb or swing from them.

Encore Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar at Encore is one of those places we wish we could just live. Put a bed in the corner and a laptop on the bar and we’re in heaven. One of the pieces that makes it so distinctive is the statue of Daphne. We’ve written about her before, but what we didn’t mention was the laurel tree-inspired chandelier that hangs over her or the similar piece that hangs above the bar. It’s the kind of thing that makes us believe that in the wee hours of the night, if you’re very quiet, and if you truly believe, you can hear the pitter-patter of the laurel elves that refill all the bottles with delicious booze. And that’s totally the reason we’re going with for why we spent 37 hours drinking at Encore Lobby Bar. Plus it’s just a really great bar and we like drinking there.

Click to see full image. Also, don't swing on this chandelier.

Click to see full image. Also, don’t swing on this chandelier.

Red Rock Resort Lobby Bar

That just leaves us with the biggie. At Red Rock Resort on the west side of the city, the Lobby Bar boasts a chandelier as impressive as the mountain views of Las Vegas. It’s 32 feet long. That’s six Kevin Harts. And it’s made of Swarovski crystals. There’s a legend – that we totally just made up right now – that the chandelier is actually the earring of giant with fantastic taste in jewelry. She lost it one day and it rolled down the mountain where some designers grabbed it and put it up. That’s just a little something to think about when you’re checking out the chandelier from every angle. You really don’t want to know what designers in Sin City ended up doing with that giant’s belly button ring.


I came from a little town in the Midwest. And believe me, I’m never going back. It’s probably nice if you love grass and snow; but I love the lights, the glamour, and the flocks of tourists seeking fun and fortune. Once the sun goes down, I’ll be the first one out hitting the clubs or just wandering the Strip for a little nighttime adventure. Passing through Bond on my way to Lily Bar, or taking a shortcut through Double Helix before landing at Parasol Up/Down, I’m the one you’ll randomly bump into – only sometimes literally – strolling through Sin City’s liquored veins – and loving every minute of it.