Veggie heads, rejoice: Here is the best vegan food in Las Vegas


Mmm… just some of the vegan goodness at VegeNation. Photo by Ashley Oñoz Wright.

Don’t get it twisted: We may be vegan (or some of you, vegetarian) but we know how to grub. Granola bars and trail mix? Pssh, get out of here with that. We want the goods — the real good stuff. We have crazy, hearty cravings just as much as the next guy.

Check out our delicious round-up and get ready to drool. Even if you’re vegetarian, you definitely won’t miss the dairy or eggs. Bon appetít!


Mmm… faux meat never looked so good. Photo courtesy of Veggie House.

Chinese cuisine: Veggie House

5115 Spring Mountain Road

The spicy crispy beef at Veggie House is so yummy — so  much so, that even my own hubby said this could pass for the real deal. Start with appetizers like the BBQ veggie meat, or indulge in big meals like walnut shrimp and sesame chicken. They even have a sign on the front door to not to bring any kind of meat into the restaurant — this will definitely give veggie heads peace of mind. For vegetarians, Veggie House does have a couple of egg options. (If you’re vegan, check with your server to make sure your item is egg-free.)


No meat or dairy products here! Photo courtesy of Fellowship of the Vegetable website.

Best fried chick’n sandwich: Garden Grill LV

Note: As of spring 2016, The Garden Grill LV is temporarily closed. We’ll keep you updated when it reopens. Multiple locations: Bruce Trent Park (Wednesday, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.); Tivoli Village (Saturday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.); and Sansone Park Place (Sunday, 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

My, my, my. If we could serenade any vegan sandwich, hands down it would be this one at Garden Grill LV. My personal favorite is the crispy chick’n sandwich because it tastes so much like the real thing — crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. They use this same chick’n patty on The Thrillest (pictured above). The Thrillest’s chick’n patty is sandwiched between two Ronald’s Donuts (a popular local vegan-friendly donut shop) and includes vegan cheese and bacon. Instant droolification.


Want some pho? Pho sho! VegeNation’s So Pho-King Delicious, photo by Jeanne Garcia.

Pho: VegeNation

616 Carson Ave. Suite 120

We’re sure you’ve heard that pho, a popular hearty Vietnamese soup, is the best way to nurse a hangover. There’s something about the combination of noodles and the sweet, savory broth that cures us after a wild and drunken night. We’ve been to several Vietnamese spots around town and the pho at VegeNation is by far one of our favorites. The broth is so flavorful, that you don’t even need to dress it up with Sriracha (OK, just a couple of dots since we love this hot sauce so much). Down it with some mango ceylon iced tea and you’re set, baby. (Speaking of Asian food, the Bao Wow buns and My Little Dumplings also drive us wild.)


Quinoa crusted avocado tacos, photo courtesy of Border Grill.

Healthy vegan tacos: Border Grill Las Vegas

Two locations: The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay

Tacos are pretty simple to make vegan. Throw together some grilled veggies, pico de gallo, a spicy salsa and a dollop of fresh avocado and you’re good to go. These ones at Border Grill, however, bring in a healthy kick. They coat avocado slices with quinoa, which gives it an interesting crunch. The corn salsa is magnificent and you also get a variety of different salsas, too. ¡Muy delicioso!


Beer-battered avocados should have their own national holiday. Photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Indulgent vegan tacos: Garden Grill LV

Note: As of spring 2016, The Garden Grill LV is temporarily closed. We’ll keep you updated when it reopens. Ah, what the heck. It’s vegan anyway, right? (That’s our logic and we’re sticking to it.) But we say it’s OK to treat yourself here and there. These IPA beer-battered avocado tacos come with a creamy cilantro pepita dressing and Sriracha. They’re so good that you can probably wolf them down in 30 seconds.


Veggie rainbow roll, photo courtesy of Kabuki.

Veggie sushi-style rolls: Kabuki

Town Square

These rolls at Kabuki are amazing. One glance and you would think these were the “real” fishy kind. Nope! Tomato, avocado and fresh peppers replace the typical raw fish toppings. They use an egg-free mayo, but make sure to ask to be safe. Also, the avocado rolls do not skimp on the avocados like most places do. You’ll get a generous helping that’ll leave your tummy happy.


It’s Thai-m to eat some Thai food: Spicy basil fried rice at Thai Style Noodle House, photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Thai food: Thai Style Noodle House

Chinatown location (closest to Strip): 3516 Wynn Road

Thai Style Noodle House is one of our weekly go-to spots. Their food is not only awesome and has that home cooked flavor, but every dish is reasonably priced. We have so many favorites: yellow curry; tom yum (a sweet and spicy soup); tom kha (a sweet and spicy coconut based soup); larb (diced protein dressed with lime, cilantro and spices); spicy basil fried rice (sans egg); and garlic tofu. We would totally move in, especially since my daughter is a big fan of the sticky rice. They are a vegan-friendly restaurant, so all you have to do is tell them vegan. This usually means they omit fish sauce and eggs.


Vegan-friendly chocolate bacon waffle at TIABI is a perfect way to start the day. Photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Waffles: TIABI

3961 Maryland Pkwy.

Being vegan means you’ve probably faced breakfast challenges while going out to eat. We can’t have cream cheese on our bagel. We can’t eat bacon and eggs. And if we’re craving pancakes or French toast, nope — it’s made with eggs and covered in butter. Look no further: TIABI (which stands for “to inspire and be inspired”) has our back. My absolute favorite is the vegan waffle drizzled in semi-sweet chocolate sauce, sprinkled with bacon-style coconut flakes and topped with vanilla ice cream. Plus, the vibe in this hip cafe makes it tempting to chill here all day.


Extreme close up of VegeNation’s Italian Dumplings. Photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Ravioli: VegeNation

Love Italian food? Then order VegeNation’s Italian Dumplings. It’s one of the best things on the menu. It consists of sweet potato pecan ravioli with asparagus and radicchio, smothered in a tasty cashew cream sauce. You probably won’t have any leftovers. You might even find yourself licking the bowl clean (no judgment).


Cornish Pasty Co.’s vegan-friendly spinach and artichoke. Photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Cornish pasty: Cornish Pasty Co.

953 E. Sahara Ave.

I had no idea what a Cornish pasty was until we became regulars at this place. (For all the newbies, it’s pronounced pah-stees, not pay-stees! Make sure to not mix the two, as they mean very different things.) The outside texture of a Cornish pasty is like a combination of a pizza pocket, empanada and pot pie. The filling is the fun part, and there’s a variety of vegan options. Choose from spinach and artichoke (pictured); balsamic portobello (mushrooms, basil and marinara); and Greek (spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichokes and roasted garlic). Sometimes they have other flavors — just ask your server. We recommend the cracked pepper and sea salt chips (garlic and jalapeño can be added at no charge). Plus, the beer selection rocks.


Who knew Brazilian food can be so tasty and vegan friendly? Photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Brazilian food: Via Brasil Steakhouse

1225 S. Fort Apache Road

When Brazilian food comes to mind, all we can think of is meat, meat, meat. Via Brasil Steakhouse has delicious options for everyone, even the choosiest vegan. We told our waiter about my dietary needs and the chef whipped up a veggie medley (pictured) that was as elegant as a fancy steak dinner at a posh restaurant. The all-you-can-eat salad bar also has plenty of options including black beans, rice, couscous, cauliflower, green beans and more. If you’d like warm veggies, the server can arrange that as well.


We so want to reach into the screen right now. Vegan ice cream sandwich at CREAM, photo by Jeannie Garcia.


Two locations: Downtown Summerlin and 10271 S. Eastern Ave.

Cash rules everything around me, CREAM! Get the money, dolla dolla bill y’all…

If you’re familiar with the classic Wu-Tang Clan track, we’re sure you’ll be singing this on your way to CREAM. CREAM, which stands for “cookies rules everything around me,” (the owner knows what’s up) offers yummy vegan selections you’ll be singing – or rapping – about for days. My favorite is the vegan vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two tuxedo cookies (dark chocolate cookie with white chocolate chip). I add rainbow sprinkles for some color and boom – best ice cream sandwich ever. Other choices include snickerdoodle (my other fave) or banana walnut cookies and the other vegan ice cream option is mint chocolate chip. It’s worth the drive and yeah… we’re actually craving one right now.


In the words of Homer Simpson: Mmm… donuts. Ronald’s Donuts vegan selection, photo by Jeannie Garcia.

Ronald’s Donuts

4600 Spring Mountain Road

We’re ending this blog on a sweet note (two sweet notes since we just shared that heavenly ice cream sandwich) with the best donuts in town. If we see you toting around Ronald’s Donuts signature pink box, be prepared to run… or just share with us. I grew up loving maple bars, so I’m always ordering these first. I also love the soy custard filled donuts, as well as raspberry. Most donuts leave you feeling heavy and bloated. These, however, are magical. The dough is light and fluffy and the frosting and fillings aren’t sickly sweet. Can we have donuts for breakfast, lunch and din-din?

Sharing all this vegan food made us super hungry. Discover more vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas and stay tuned for more vegan eats. Who’s ready to chow down?


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