Keep on (food) truckin’

You can't beat delicious truck food.

All around the country, food trucks have made quite the turnaround in their public image. From reluctant and desperate to trendy and chic, there’s been a bit of a food truck renaissance and Las Vegas hasn’t been left out. Mini-burgers, East-West fusion hot dogs, snowcones, BBQ, iced coffee, Southwestern-style fare and more are being all served up by Vegas’ food trucks.

Fortunately, there’s one day of the month when you don’t have to stalk them or be fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Vegas StrEATs, co-hosted by Slidin’ Thru, Insert Coins and El Cortez, returns this Saturday, June 11, bringing truckloads of food to Downtown Las Vegas.

Trucks across Vegas, with festive color schemes, clever names and delicious menus, have been earning a following of die-hards that often track them via Facebook or Twitter to get their fix. Since there’s a bit of a “scene” that’s come to surround these trucks, an event like Vegas StrEATs just makes sense.

It’s like a delicious extension of the Fremont Street experience – the WHOLE experience, not just the overhead video canopy that shares that name – there’s live music and art being produced, vendors selling all sorts of cool, offbeat merchandise, cold drinks and of course, the main event: delicious food.

The event kicks off Saturday at 6 p.m., and if you can’t make it in June, they should be holding another StrEATs event in July. Meanwhile, here are some delicious photos of a previous Vegas StrEATs festival to tide you overĀ until this weekend:

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