Three martini lunch…for dinner

Martini with caviar-stuffed olives at Andre's

Martini with caviar-stuffed olives at Andre's

This is exactly what I need — three martinis in a row.

For a mere $22 (I’ve been known to pay that for one drink in Vegas,) I can indulge in three carefully crafted martinis for dinner. That could be dangerous.

Start with a Hendricks Gin and V8 martini with muddled cucumber. The second course is a smoked vodka martini with Chef Andre Rochat’s signature caviar-stuffed olives. Last, a ginger créme brûlée martini with vanilla vodka, Kahlua and ginger liquor.

The best part is, these martinis are served nightly after 5 p.m., so I could go repeatedly throughout the week, if needed. The 3-Martini “lunch” is served at Andre’s Restaurant & lounge in the Monte Carlo.