The bacchanal returns to Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The bacchanal is back!

Caesars Palace’s famed Bacchanal feast is returning, this time in the form of a 25,000-square-foot buffet extravaganza.

The original Bacchanal was Caesars Palace’s gourmet room where attendees took three hours to taste a variety of gastronomic extravaganzas while toga-clad waiters and waitresses served wine. It was a legendary experience that helped cement Las Vegas’ image as a decadent destination willing to indulge in every appetite.

Menu from Caesars Bacchanal Gourmet Room. Photo courtesy of UNLV Special Collections.

The historic Bacchanal was headed by Nat Hart, arguably one of Las Vegas’ first celebrity chefs. He would spend 20 years with Caesars, developing new restaurant concepts both in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The classic Bacchanal Gourmet Room began with aperitifs, then a variety of hors d’oeuvres. This was followed by a selection of soups then a dish featuring fresh fish. A short rest and then on to a variety of entrée dishes, followed by vegetables and finally desserts. It worked out to a seven course meal with three wine pairings. Original price – $11.50 per person.

The new buffet promises to indulge in a similar over-the-top experience with more than 500 items and a facility designed by well-known restaurant designer Super Potato.

“The Bacchanal Buffet design will set this restaurant apart from all other buffets in Las Vegas,” said Gary Selesner, regional president of Caesars Palace, the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino and Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas Operations.

“The extraordinary modern and international design by world famous restaurant designer Super Potato will offer guests an eye-catching, fun and entertaining, contemporary dining experience with an incredible variety of quality selections cooked by talented chefs before the guests’ eyes at nine show kitchens.”

The show kitchens will include stations for Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, seafood, pizza, deli and dessert. Chefs at the Bacchanal Buffet will be led by Executive Chef Scott Green.

Unique offerings will include fresh tortillas, fresh-shucked oysters, vegetarian and vegan options, house-smoked barbecue ribs and brisket, breakfast pizzas, red velvet pancakes, wood fired Neapolitan pizzas, Chinese dim sum and roasted South Carolina shrimp and grits.

The buffet will be included in Caesars’ Buffet of Buffets pass, but for an additional $10 charge.

To emphasize Caesars Palace’s over-the-top presentation of this new buffet, they composed a video(above)  just to tease you about what to expect.

The Bacchanal Buffet will open in early September. Until then, check out these photos of some of the dishes and enjoy a look back at the original Bacchanal Gourmet room.


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Bacchanal Buffet by the numbers

  • 9 Show Kitchens under one roof
    • Mexican – featuring freshly made enchiladas, tortillas and sopapillas
    • Italian – Pastas, baked lasagna, antipasto display
    • Chinese – Made-to-order assorted soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum
    • Japanese – Fresh sushi, sashimi, cooked fish
    • American – BBQ house-smoked meats from a wood-burning smoker and wood-burning grill; numerous carving stations including prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken and more
    • Seafood – Fresh East and West Coast oysters, king crab, snow crab, stone crab, mussels and prawns
    • Pizza – Varieties of pizzas served fresh from a wood-burning oven
    • Deli – Soups, cheeses, seven charcuterie selections including house specialties and individual, prepared and make-your-own salads
    • Dessert – Chocolate, vanilla and pistachio soufflés baked to order, selection of gelato, sorbets and crème brûlée
  • More than 500 food items in total
    • Dinner – More than 300 items
    • Breakfast – More than 95 items
    • Pastry – An additional 115 pastry items available during dinner
    • Bread – More than 20 different varieties of fresh-baked bread and rolls
    • Soups – More than 10 daily soups, many of which will rotate daily
    • Cheeses – 7 farmstead American cheeses available year-round with three changing seasonally
  • Design Elements
    • 7 different table formats surrounded by 10 varying chair designs, upholstered in 17 different fabrics
    • 3,607 glass jars filled with colorful spices and complementary food products on the walls and framing the show kitchens
    • 16,027 bowls, plates, glasses, jars and kitchen small wares in a variety of colors as one more decorative element


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