Ten places to find mouthwatering milkshakes in Vegas

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Throw in some cold milk, sweet flavorings and tasty toppings and it’s even better. We’re talking about milkshakes. Some people like to pair theirs with a burger and fries and some like to simply enjoy them as dessert.

Milkshakes might conjure up images of kids in a ’50s diner, but in Vegas we know how to make anything into an adult treat so we spike some of ours with alcohol. No matter how you like your shake, there are tons of places in Vegas to get your fix.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the places to get the most mouthwatering milkshakes in town:

BLT Burger at The Mirage: Laurent Tourondel might be a classically trained French chef but he also knows how to make good burgers and shakes to go along with them. At his restaurant, BLT Burger, he serves chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee shakes, but then kicks them up a notch with fun add-ins. Try the Monkey Business, made with vanilla ice cream, bananas, peanut butter and chocolate or the Mother Fluffer with vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallows. We also like the Twinkie Boy, a concoction of vanilla ice cream, Twinkies and caramel. If those sound too much like something your kid would order, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for adults too. Tourondel’s spiked milkshakes have a bit of booze added to them. There’s the Malibu Barbie with Malibu Rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk and vanilla ice cream. And for those who are looking for a little something with a caffeine kick there’s The All Nighter with Tia Maria, Baileys, espresso and coffee ice cream.

Holstein's Drunken Monkey, photo courtesy Las Vegas Weekly

Holstein’s Shakes and Buns at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Holstein’s serves delicious traditional vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and black & white milkshakes, but the real reason we go here for milkshakes is for the “Bam-Boozled” varieties. The Campfire S’mores is delicious with Smirnoff Marshmallow Fluff Vodka, chocolate syrup, marshmallow and graham crumble. Chocoholics will get their fix with the A-Chocolypse Now, made with double chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, Pinnacle Chocolate Vodka and Oreo crumbs. Everyone knows adding bacon to something makes it better and that goes for milkshakes too. Holstein’s Maple Bacon is made from bacon-infused maple ice cream, Crown Royal Maple Whisky and chocolate covered candied bacon. Yes, please.

Caramel Swirl at B&B Burger and Beer, photo courtesy Las Vegas Weekly

B&B Burger and Beer at the Venetian: Mario Batali knows a thing or two about cooking so we trust him to make a good milkshake and he delivers at his B&B Burger and Beer restaurant. Since you’re probably having a beer with your burger, save room for a shake for your dessert. The Nutella shake has vanilla ice cream, Nutella and candied hazelnuts. Our favorite is the Caramel Swirl with vanilla ice cream, caramel and ginger snap.

Shake Shack at New York – New York: Shakes are so important here they are part of the restaurant’s name. And for good reason. These aren’t your average ordinary shakes. They’re made from rich, creamy, dense frozen custard and hand-spun. Traditional flavors include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white, strawberry, peanut butter and coffee and you can make it a malted milkshake for an additional 50 cents. They also have a featured shake of the week flavor. Think Boston Cream Pie, salty chocolate peanut butter, red velvet or salted buttery caramel. That gives us an excuse to go back every week. Tip: If you’re not ordering food and just want a shake, step up to the C-line window – a faster line just for those ordering cold items.

Tom’s Urban at New York – New York: Tom’s Urban is all about comfort food and what’s more comforting than a delicious, creamy hand-spun milkshake? Tom’s serves up vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel shakes but we love their Urban Spiked Shakes. Try the Bacardi coconut chocolate, Kraken spiced rum salted caramel and Fireball Whisky cinnamon.

Steak 'N Shake, photo courtesy of Las Vegas Weekly

Steak ‘N Shake at South Point: These guys take their shakes so seriously that they have three separate lists of hand-dipped shakes to choose from on their menu: Classic, Side by Side and Specialty. Classic flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, mocha, orange freeze and dark chocolate, all topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Side by Side milkshakes combine two flavors into one amazing shake like the Banocolate or the Strawnana. Specialty milkshakes come in a wide variety including Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream, Birthday Cake (with yellow birthday cake and sweet buttercream), Snickers milkshake, salted caramel, and the list goes on.

Mr. Lucky’s at the Hard Rock Hotel: About the only thing better than a milkshake might be a piece of pie, but who says you can’t have both at once?  The geniuses who made up Mr. Lucky’s menu decided to combine the two. Their famous pie shake takes the café’s pie of the day and blends it into a vanilla shake. They also have spiked milkshakes like the Blushin’ Russian with Absolut Vodka, Kahlua and vanilla bean ice cream.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR's pudding shakes

Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood: What’s better than a shake? If you’re Gordon Ramsay it’s a shake with pudding on top. His BurGR restaurant serves five types of delicious “pudding” shakes simply called Shake #1, Shake #2 and so on. Shake #1 is a chocolate shake topped with caramel pudding and a toffee cookie; #3 is a banana shake with butterscotch pudding and a snickerdoodle cookie and #4 is an Oreo shake topped with crème brûlée pudding and an Oreo cookie.

Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay: This gourmet burger place serves the classics: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but we recommend the Chef’s Milkshakes. After all the chef is the famous Hubert Keller. Chef’s Milkshakes include the Nutella, Twinkie, caramel latte, pumpkin spice and the Pink Monkey with strawberry ice cream, fresh banana and fresh strawberries, topped with whipped cream. Burger Bar also has adult milkshakes with a little kick. The Red Velvet features vanilla ice cream, Zing Red Velvet Vodka, chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and cherry and the Chocolate Cowboy has whiskey and chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate whipped cream.

Serendipty 3's Oreo Express, photo courtesy Las Vegas Weekly

Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace: Serendipity is famous for its amazing frozen treats like the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. The restaurant also has ice cream sundaes, floats and, of course, shakes. They come in fun flavors like the Oreo Express, chocolate peanut butter, Monkey Business Banana Walnut and Strawberry in Right Field. If you’re not into that, there’s also Just Chocolate and Just Vanilla.


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