Society’s hottest new power lunch

Society Lunch Box


Society Lunch Box

Society Café Encore has consistently maintained a reputation for serving casual upscale comfort food in a beautifully decorated and well thought out dining room.

Now, lunch just got easier.

Executive Chef KimCateenwalla has created The Lunch Box, a three-course meal for a reasonable $23. To save time, all three courses are served at once.

For the first course, choose from two soups or four salads including a hearty market chop salad or delicate roasted tomato bisque. Secound course options include mouth-watering sandwiches like rare tuna or filet mignon. Third, Society’s signature warm donut bites served in a paper bag. If you’re going healthier, there is also a fruit bowl option available, but I did say “warm donut bites.”  

With this easy, efficient yet still fashionable way to have lunch, you won’t miss a beat on your Blackberry.

Power on, Vegas power players, power on.