Shake, rattle & roll: Vegas’ best milkshakes that bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard

When you were a kid, your summers probably consisted of day camp, family vacations and trips to your local ice cream shop. You would crawl up on the stool and announce to the lady behind the counter: “One chocolate milkshake, please!”

There’s something nostalgic and cheery about a thick, gloppy milkshake.

“Milkshakes put you in a good mood and they are something you would always share,” explains Daniel Lydia, general manager of Lagasse’s Stadium in Palazzo Las Vegas.

Although you might not want to share these milkshakes, indulging in them will make you feel like a kid again, even though you’re all grown up now. Additionally, July is National Ice Cream Month and there’s no better way to celebrate than to channel your inner youth and go for a cool, frosty treat.

Here are some of Vegas’ most decadent milkshakes and we promise, you won’t need any fries with these shakes.

Campfire Marshmallow at BLT Burger

Campfire Marshmallow at BLT Burger

Campfire marshmallow

Available at: BLT Burger in the Mirage
Why we love it: It’s not every day you get to sit around a campfire, working on your marshmallow roasting techniques, so it’s understandable if you’re a little rusty. Luckily, BLT Burger creates perfectly charred on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside marshmallows. Marshmallows of this caliber would certainly be a treat on their own, but add them to vanilla ice cream for the ultimate Campfire Marshmallow shake and now you’ve got something.
Price: $7

Cap’n Crunch

Available at: KGB in Harrah’s Las Vegas
Why we love it: Your favorite breakfast cereal with ice cold milk is tempting enough, but your favorite breakfast cereal and ice cream? Well, that’s just mind-blowing. The shake is made from a specially formulated ice cream made with Crunch milk (Cap’n Crunch and milk) and topped with whipped cream and Cap’n Crunch marshmallow treats. Add in one of rock ’n’ roll Chef Kerry Simon’s gourmet burgers and you’ve got the ultimate Vegas meal.
Price: $5

Mr. Lucky's chocolate shake

Mr. Lucky's chocolate shake

Old-fashioned chocolate

Available at: Mr. Lucky’s in Hard Rock Hotel
Why we love it: It’s rich, chocolatey and comes with plenty of whipped cream. Need we say more? The chocolate shake at Mr. Lucky’s isn’t anything out of the ordinary – it’s extraordinary.
Price: $4.50

BB Twinkie

Available at: Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay
Why we love it: The merging of a certain favorite packaged snack cake and vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to complete your meal at Burger Bar. We assume you’re going with the burger (of some sort) and choosing onion rings, sweet potato fries or french fries – each go great when dunked in this Twinkie blended milkshake. Don’t worry, we’ve tested them all several times.
Price: $8.75

Cake & Shake

Shake & Cookies at Lagasse's Stadium

Shake & Cookies at Lagasse's Stadium

Available at: Max Brenner in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
Why we love it: From master chocolatier, Max Brenner, this tasty shake will be all the rage when Max Brenner, Chocolate by a Bald Man opens August 5. With vanilla crêpe flakes ice cream, rich chocolate cream and chocolate frappé, this shake is just the beginning. Just in case you don’t have enough chocolate, the shake comes with a shaker of extra chocolate sauce and a fluffy chocolate cake. Though it’s hard to overdose on chocolate, this one might put you over the edge.
Price: $13

Shake and cookies

Available at: Lagasse’s Stadium in Palazzo Las Vegas
Why we love it: Kudos to Chef Emeril Lagasse for getting this one right. Two fresh baked, warm chocolate chip cookies. Check. One, creamy coffee milkshake. Check. Dunk cookie in milkshake. Double check. This perfect summertime combination is great while watching the big game on one of the Stadium’s big screen TV’s.
Price: $7

Captain Crunch milkshake

Captain Crunch milkshake

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Available at: Serendipity 3 in Caesars Palace
Why we love it: The frrrozen hot chocolate is iconic in New York City’s Serendipity, but here in Las Vegas – these drinks fly off the restaurant menu and at the grab-n-go window. The frrrozen hot chocolate is made with a rich chocolate base and blended with crushed ice.
Price: $8 (for one person)

Bailey’s ice cream float

Available at: Society Cafe Encore in Encore Las Vegas
Why we love it: A Bailey’s float includes cream soda, coffee ice cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Though this grown-up milkshake is technically a float, the consistency is thick and creamy.
Price: $9