Secret pizza

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about The Cosmopolitan’s satiating restaurant offerings: Scott Conant’s famous spaghetti at Scarpetta, Costas Spidialis’  fish at Estiatorio Milos, the Bromberg brothers’ wasabi honey fried chicken at Blue Ribbon. But here’s something you haven’t heard about: the pizza at the Pizza Place.

That’s right, amidst the fine dining establishments where you could easily rack up $100 tabs on food alone, lies a hidden pizza place that you could easily walk by. There’s no signage in front. But, if you follow the vintage record-clad hallway, it will lead you to a tiny New York-style pizza counter. 

The place has no official menu, just a few pizza pies to choose from (cheese, pepperoni, veggie) so step right up and place your order. If you’d like to toss in a soda or a draft beer, you can do that also.

There’s just enough room for a pinball machine and a few mismatched stools to enjoy your slice of heaven on. Standing is acceptable also. Dollar bills are taped onto the wall, a cityscape photo mural and clean white tile are the only hints of nostalgia you get at this no-frills joint. But I liked it.

It’s very New York and very no nonsense — eat your pizza and leave. There is, however, a killer vintage pinball machine to play, after you’ve gotten your fingers greasy from the pizza, of course.

I ate at this Pizza Place with a friend and we each got a soda and a slice. Grand total: about $12. Now that’s a Vegas deal.

Oh, and don’t ask about hours of operation. Let’s just say the pizza place is open when it needs to be and stays open late — or until the pizza is all gone.

As I knowingly walked into the Pizza Place, I heard curious onlookers ask each other where I thought I was going. Let ’em wonder. Let’s just keep this place between us.

The Pizza Place
at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Open: when needed.
Exact location: Undisclosed. (hint: look for the long, record-lined hallway and a pinball machine.)