Rock hard at Las Vegas’ newest eatery

The new Hard Rock Café on the Las Vegas Strip is three floors of rock ’n’ roll memorabilia and technology that lets you access much more than your drink order.

One of my favorite things about the recently opened Hard Rock Café is that I can use the technology to learn more about the restaurant and its sister locations. For example, the 38 in-booth interactive flat panel screens let me choose my favorite songs, look up memorabilia and even check out the items available for purchase on the first level of the café.

The seven Microsoft Surface screens are available at various tables around the restaurant. This means, while enjoying my beer and baby back ribs, I can be playing games, putting puzzle pieces together and finding fast facts on how items from my favorite celebrities found their way to the Hard Rock Café. I can also see the different pins from any of restaurants, just in case I need to add to my collection.

A unique feature of this Hard Rock Café is the Rock Wall, an interactive 18-foot by 4-foot screen on the main wall of the second floor. I walked up to the screen, chose a memorabilia icon and expanded it using the touch-screen technology. I was having a little trouble seeing, so I made it larger by gliding my fingers in opposite directions on the screen. Using the screen, I could access all 1,300 pieces of memorabilia from Hard Rock Cafés around the world .

The restaurant also has a 1,000-seat concert venue on the third floor, so you can watch your favorite bands. From hearing it first hand, I can tell you that the sound system is more than ample. The concert venue’s big opening will feature Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Audioslave on September 15.

If you’re looking for a fun place to eat, give the new Hard Rock Café a try. I guarantee it won’t bore you.