New Monte Carlo Plaza boasts restaurants, entertainment on the Strip

Yusho lobster steamed buns

Pedestrians walking along the Strip in front of the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino have some new dining options. The resort recently completed a multimillion dollar outdoor dining plaza with new restaurants and live entertainment including a rotating roster of live bands, artists and street performers.

Five new restaurants joined the existing Diablo’s Cantina on the Strip in front of Monte Carlo: Yusho, 800 Degrees, Double Barrel, BLVD Creamery and Sambalatte. 

We’ve put together a guide to the restaurants and some of the menu items that you can’t miss.

Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House: Yusho, from renowned Chicago chef Matthias Merges, serves creative takes on Japanese street food. Menu items include steamed buns, unique ramens, house-made pickles and fresh meats.

Signature menu items include the Logan Poser Ramen, made with crispy pork, egg, nori and cucumber; as well as 2X Fried Chicken, created with spicy kanzuri, green tea and lime zest. Yusho also offers six cocktails on tap as well as a large selection of Japanese craft beers and sakes.

Double Barrel Deep Fried S'mores

Best Bite: Yusho’s two pound lobster is a great dish to share. The restaurant’s take on traditional Asian steamed buns includes delicious accompaniments and fluffy buns to build your own lobster roll.

Double Barrel Roadhouse: This entertainment and dining venue features a Southern-inspired menu. You’ll find choices like sliders, fried chicken, ribs and burgers. To entertain you while you eat, enjoy live performances by the lively “DB girls” on the elevated catwalks above the bar area.

Best Bite: Deep Fried S’mores. Need we say more? Double Barrel’s version of this campfire classic coats the dessert sandwich in batter, then submerges it in a deep fryer.

BLVD Creamery: Childhood favorites and cutting-edge flavors come together at this ice cream shop that features organic ice creams along with sorbets, cereal-flavored milks and other dessert novelties. Unique flavors include watermelon-jalapeno, avocado and pinot noir. Monte Carlo’s pastry team churns the ice cream daily, ensuring each treat is fresh.

BLVD Creamery Boozy Ice Cream

Best Bite: Adults of legal age will want to dig their spoons into BLVD Creamery’s booze-infused creamy treats. There are spiked ice creams made with champagne and cabernet sauvignon, or for the craft beer fan, the citrusy Shock Top-flavored Suds Sorbet.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria: From the creators of Los Angeles’ Umami Burger, 800 Degrees offers guests the experience of creating their ultimate, gourmet personal pizzas. After selecting a sauce and toppings from an assortment of vegetables, meats, cheeses and spices, the Neapolitan pizza is baked in an 800-degree wood-burning oven. For those who prefer a chef’s recommendation, specialty pizzas and side dishes are available including the bianca, sausage & peppers, tartufo and marinara pizzas. There are also small bites available such as meatballs, truffle cheese bread and antipasti. The restaurant features a 1,000-square-foot outdoor patio.

800 Degrees Truffle Cheese Bread

Best Bite: The delectable truffle cheese bread is the perfect appetizer, topped with three melted Italian cheeses and truffles.

Sambalatte Coffee Lounge & Espresso Bar: This Las Vegas-based coffee shop exclusively features a coffee bean roaster and a state-of-the-art coffee lab, providing “The Theatre of Coffee,” where guests can watch the roasting process. Besides coffee, guests can enjoy tea, sandwiches, muffins, scones, cookies, pastries and more.

Best Bite: Sip on a rich and creamy Nutella Latte. This concoction, including the popular hazelnut-chocolate spread and a shot of espresso will satisfy your sweet tooth. You can drink it hot or over ice.

The Monte Carlo Plaza is the first completed element of an interactive neighborhood under development by MGM Resorts International. In addition to the plaza, the indoor-outdoor district includes patio dining at New York-New York and The Park, a dining and entertainment space leading up to a 20,000-seat arena by MGM Resorts and AEG. The Park and arena will be completed in spring 2016.


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