Mac and cheese in Sin City

It’s hard out there for a picky (ahem, “selective”) eater. People make fun, people get frustrated, people…well, people have a lot of feelings about what other people put on their plates and into their stomachs.

It’s even harder for a picky eater in Vegas where there are so many good (read: fancy-pants) restaurants that everybody wants to try when they come into town.

Luckily, these fancy-pants restaurants have thrown the selective eaters of the world a bone: macaroni and cheese.

Now, you can get mac and cheese in plenty of restaurants all across the globe, but here in Vegas, it’s more than just Kraft and it’s more than just kids’ menu stuff.

Here are — in my humble, extremely well-versed-in -this-particular-dish opinion — the top five spots to get macaroni and cheese in Sin City.

1.) Firefly. Made with manchego cheese (which is a sheep’s milk cheese, but don’t let it frighten you) and tiny little shell noodles, this is a mac and cheese I could eat for the rest of my life and never get enough. Firefly is a tapas place, so you’re probably supposed to share this. I don’t. Ever.

2.) Serendipity3. A recent addition to the city and the Top 5, but one that took its place with ease. With big spiral noodles and a sauce that seems simple, but definitely isn’t, it’s the perfect example of classic done classy. Plus, you can get it on a flat bread pizza crust, just heaped on there, and it’s even more amazing. (You can see this dish in this post’s thumbnail image.)

3./4.) Simon / CatHouse. Kerry Simon does a crazy truffle oil thing which I can only explain as something I never would have thought I’d like in my mac and cheese, but now take a special joy in seeing on a menu. Bonus: when you order “truffle” anything, it totally shuts any argument your tablemates have about you being too picky.

5.) First Food & Bar. Another recent addition and another one with truffle oil. This one comes in a skillet and has classic elbow noodles with breadcrumb stuff on top. Listed as a side/appetizer choice, you should not be ashamed to order this as your main dish. Seriously.

Obviously that’s not it for macaroni and cheese in Vegas, there are plenty more places and the Top 5 switches as regularly as the marquee at Caesars Palace. Just know that I’m always keeping an eye out for food/stuff like this and if something that revolutionizes picky-eating in Sin City comes along, well, I’ll let the world know. Gotta stick together, right?