Drink up

Walking down the Las Vegas Strip, you see some pretty unusual things — the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, a castle and a pyramid all on the same street. But nowhere else in the United States can you see people legally walking down the street with a drink in their hands.

Welcome to Vegas.

If you were in New York nursing a Tom Collins walking down Madison Avenue, you’d get arrested. Here, it’s Tuesday.

Not only can you walk around the Las Vegas Strip while drinking, some restaurants and bars have their own glasses that serve both as a container to hold your frozen margarita in and a souvenir to take home to say, “Been there, done that, got the blender.”

Here are some of the wild and wacky souvenir cups seen on the Las Vegas Strip, complete with how much the glass holds and how wobbly your walk will be post consumption.

guitar cup at Rockhouse

Guitar cup at Rockhouse

Guitar Hero

Booze capacity: 88 ounces
Walk: Zig-zag
Serves: Daiquiris and beer
Available at: Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub at Imperial Palace
Claim to fame: The only known guitar-shaped specialty cup in Las Vegas, perfect for all your air-guitar needs.
Retails for: $32

Wastin’ away in Margaritaville (Blender)

Booze Capacity: 45 oz (they fill it to the top)
Walk: Spinning in circles
Serves: Who’s to Blame Margaritas
Available at: Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at Flamingo
Claim to Fame: When the margaritas are all gone, you don’t have to blame anyone. The blender is also a piggy bank.
Retails for: $30 for margarita; $25 for beer

Tambourine maraca cup at Rio

Tambourine maraca cup at Rio

Hey Mr. Tambourine man (Rio’s tambourine)

Booze capacity: 44 ounces
Walk: Stumbling
Serves: Any well drink
Available at: Rio Pool, Shutter Bar, Village Bar, Masquerade Bar, Carnival World Buffet Bar and Village Seafood Buffet Bar
Claim to fame: The noisiest drink cup on our list, the tambourine drink cup is a musical instrument as well as a fully functional drinking cup. Rest assured, this cup will keep you entertained for hours.
Retails for: $15

It’s big and purple, but NOT Barney

Booze capacity: 100 ounces
Walk: Thanks, but I’d rather sit.
Serves: Any beverage served at Carnaval Court
Available at: Carnaval Court at Harrah’s
Claim to fame: A whopping 100-ounce container straps onto your neck for a hands-free option while drinking.
Retails for: $46

You’ll always have Paris (Eiffel Tower)

Booze capacity: 60 ounces
Walk: Zig-zag
Serves: Strawberry daiquiri, margarita or piña colada
Available at: The E-tour Bar, Buffet Bar and Gustav’s Bar at Paris Hotel & Casino
Claim to fame: The Eiffel Tower could be the most structurally sound cup on our list. Made entirely of plastic, the cup is shatter-resistant and easy to hold.
Retails for: $16.99

Balloon cup at Paris

Balloon cup at Paris

Up, up and away! (balloon)

Booze capacity: 25 ounces
Walk: Smooth swagger
Serves: Cocktail of your choice
Available at: E-tour bar, Buffet Bar, Gustav’s Bar at Paris Hotel & Casino
Claim to fame: The only ceramic souvenir cup to hit our list, this one’s a keeper!
Retails for: $16.99

Jubilee Shaker

Booze Capacity: 20 oz
Walk: All shook up
Serves: Tequila sunrise, hurricane, mai tai and margaritas
Available at: Jubiliee Showroom
Claim to Fame: This souvenir drinking cup is multi-functional. Use it as a cocktail shaker, a drinking cup (with straw) and keep it on your collectibles shelf as part of your Jubilee fan club collection.