Come as you are: Denny’s on Fremont is totally Vegas

Denny's on Fremont has arrived.

Neonopolis’ newest tenant is a real grand slam.

Denny’s first “flagship” location, Denny’s on Fremont, is open for business and it’s dripping with “Only in Vegas” charm.

Even by this city’s standards, this is a unique building. The first detail most people will notice, after the neon Denny’s signage, are the yellow lines or “ribbon” crisscrossing like a spider’s web all over the façade.

Fun story behind all that. As Denny’s CEO John Miller and architect James Wines explain it, the diner was the original “social network,” in the sense that everyone, from all walks of life, was welcome. Social connections and friendships would form and strengthen over meals or coffee, and this narrative carries on throughout the design of the restaurant, which generally comes off as a clean-cut, modern diner.

The diner as seen from Fremont & 4th streets.

So basically: Come as you are, because everyone else is too. A pretty good match for downtown Las Vegas, right?

But enough diner philosophy. What else makes Denny’s on Fremont unique?

Well, if you’ve been to a Denny’s, you know what to expect from the (cool, metal binder-enclosed) menu. Expect the usual American breakfast offerings, along with steaks, pot roast and other dinner options that the chain has been adding in recent years.

Among the exclusive items paying homage to Sin City are the King Stack of pancakes and the King Shake, both of which feature ingredients that Elvis had a famed fondness for: peanut butter, bacon and banana.

This Denny’s is also the only location with a bar, which features its own specialty cocktails.

The Grand Slamosa takes the typical champagne and orange juice cocktail and adds some Grand Marnier for good measure, while the Bacontini (using bacon-infused vodka) is sure to become the object of many a late-night dare…some folks like this cocktail without having to be dared, though, so take that into consideration.

You can also bring a piece of Denny’s on Fremont home in the form of the merchandise they have for sale, for fans of pun-ny T-shirts and the like.

As if neon, bacon cocktails and T-shirts weren’t Vegas enough, there’s also the chapel.

Though it’s not done yet, the wedding chapel is due to open early next year and will even host a celebrity wedding in February 2013. The lucky couple’s identity is being “guarded like a Pentagon secret,” according to Wines.

Looks like that’s one more kind of social connection to add to Denny’s list.

Denny’s on Fremont is open 24/7 on the corner of Fremont and 4th streets.

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