Chef Cheveau, the Picasso of Pastries

Like Picasso and his paintings, Chef Cheveau can make a masterpiece out of any pastry that touches his hands. He’s so good at what he does, he took third place at the World Chocolate Masters. For those of you who don’t follow baking competitions with a passion, it’s the “Big Game” of the chocolate world. If that’s not impressive enough, him and his team create more than 10,000 pastries a day for guests to enjoy in multiple restaurants on the Strip. To say that Chef Cheveau is the crème de la crème would be an understatement. These pastries are life changing and you would be crazy to not try one. But enough talk, watch the video below and see for yourself. Warning: watching this video might cause you to drool uncontrollably, make you hangry or spontaneously book a last-minute trip to Las Vegas. If you experience these side-effects, purchase your Las Vegas hotel room right away and try these pastries.

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