Celebrity sightings: The best places to catch a glimpse of star power

In recent years, our obsession with celebrity spotting has grown exponentially. It’s no longer good enough to peruse the pages of “People,” swooning over how good George Clooney looks. Now, we want Clooney sitting two tables down at the club, nursing the same drink Charlie Sheen had last week — oh, and Paris better make an appearence too.

Not to worry, you’re in Vegas. This, and more, can happen. While etiquette says to keep your distance should you spot a celeb (after all, you don’t want to appear starry-eyed,) it’s understandably a thrill to whip out your iPhone and snap a pic of Lil’ Jon DJ-ing.

A few obvious and not-so-obvious places to spot a celebrity in Vegas include a Strip House, a couture house and a bathhouse. Go figure.

Strip House in Planet Hollywood

Strip House in Planet Hollywood

Strip House

Celebrities like steak so it makes sense to see them at a steakhouse. However, Strip House attracts some serious star power. Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Good. The only drawback are the pesky walls that hold up the private dining rooms and block your view.

The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory is a candy store chain in Las Vegas. Apparenly, stars like something sweet because The Sugar Factory has been known to host celebrities like David Arquette, singer Kimberly Cole and former Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Very good. In fact, on March 4, The Sugar Factory is opening their first restaurant, Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Paris Las Vegas, where Kim Kardashian, David Arquette and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls will be hosting.


Celebrities on the red carpet include Kim Kardashian, “Glee” star Mark Salling, and this past Saturday another “Glee” star, Chord Overstreet, celebrated his birthday at Tao.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Excellent.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yes, celebrities shop in retail stores. On past trips to the luxury retail department store, I’ve run into Lia Gerardini (Vince Neil’s ex-wife) and Bette Midler.  Other luxury retail outlets can be good places to scout out a celebrity. Cartier at Wynn Las Vegas had Aretha Franklin trying to get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the watch section and Flava Flav was taking the Fashion Show Mall by storm.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Fair. There’s no doubt celebs like to shop, but catching one in action is hit or miss. Plus, the likelihood of draining your savings in the Saks handbag selection might not be worth eyeing which brand of eyeliner a Gossip Girl buys. 


The restaurant gets a fair amount of celebrity traffic, mainly due to its famous New York city roots. The Italian-American cuisine brings guests from miles around and famous faces are no exception. Diners have included New Kids on the Block, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Fair. You could be so engrossed in your delicious meatballs and marinara sauce that you miss the blonde bombshell walking by. 

Lavo at Palazzo Las Vegas

Lavo at Palazzo Las Vegas


Lavo always has celebrities hosting the party. Celebrities like “Jackass” star Bam Margera, “Holly’s World” star Holly Madison and San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Good. The second-story nightclub at Lavo is fairly small so there’s a good chance you can get within audible squealing distance of your celebrity crush. If only they didn’t play that house music so loud…

A Cirque show

While your attention should be on the acrobatic and abnormally flexible performers, you might be sitting near someone famous. Hugh Hefner was seen at “LOVE” and Rihanna with friend Katy Perry were at “KA.”   

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Fair. Although celebrities are as fascinated with the trapeze stunts as you are, it’s pretty dark in a theater.

Nove Italiano

The food at Nove Italiano is good — and so are the chances of you running into a celebrity. When I was there last, my friend nearly knocked the crudo right off my fork as she pointed out singer Jon Secada dining with friends – -she is a huge fan.  Last week, “Jersey Shore” star Snooki made an appearence, as did New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre the week prior.

Likelihood of celebrity spotting: Very good. There is a private dining room and a few sections of the restaurant, but the best places to dine are near the windows and those places are in the main dining areas.