Celebrate National Doughnut Day in Vegas

Fry anything and it’s pretty good. Fry some dough, add delicious fillings and toppings and it’s even better.

We never need any excuses for eating doughnuts (or donuts if your prefer) but hey, it’s National Doughnut Day on June 5 so that just gives us another reason to eat them this week.

We love all doughnuts. It doesn’t matter if it’s the doughnut ring or the doughnut hole. We’ll eat them for breakfast and we’ll eat them for dessert. Here are 10 places where you can eat doughnuts in Vegas too:

O Face Doughnut's S'mores doughnut

O Face Doughnut’s S’mores doughnut

O Face Doughnuts, 124 S. 6th St.: This delectable doughnut shop serves an array of unique flavors by Chef Crystal Whitford, who previously worked as a pastry chef for the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group.

Doughnut flavors vary and come in traditional and yeast-raised varieties. You might find flavors like maple bacon with maple marscapone, cinnamon toast crunch, gingerbread cake, rosewater pistachio, pina colada fritter and Mexican chocolate with horchata pudding. They’re all amazing, but don’t miss the s’mores doughnut – a chocolate raised doughnut with milk chocolate ganache inside plus toasted marshmallow and crumbled graham cracker on top.

Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay: While Burger Bar serves mainly burgers of the meat variety, they do have sweet burgers for dessert, which are made with doughnuts. Try the chocolate burger, made with warm doughnut, Nutella mousse, passion fruit and fresh strawberries and kiwi or the creamy cheese cake burger with warm doughnut, cheesecake and caramelized pineapple.

Stack's munchkin jelly doughnuts, photo courtesy The Mirage

Stack’s munchkin jelly doughnuts, photo courtesy The Mirage

Stack at The Mirage: Stack serves “munchkin” jelly doughnuts on its dessert menu. The mini doughnuts are freshly fried, sprinkled with sugar and come with vanilla and chocolate sauce. As the description on Stack’s menu says, “mmm Jelly!”

Krispy Kreme at Excalibur or Circus Circus: This doughnut chain is famous for their original glazed doughnuts served hot and fresh from a recipe dating back to the 1930s. You can find them on the Strip at the Castle Walk Food Court at Excalibur and also at Circus Circus. Besides the original, take your pick of cake, kreme filled and chocolate iced varieties as well as special flavors like dulce de leche, New York cheesecake and glazed sour cream.

Ronald’s Donuts, 4600 Spring Mountain Road: Local favorite Ronald’s, located in the Chinatown area,  serves a rainbow of flavors and toppings including sprinkles, chocolate, coconut and glazed. You’ll find maple bars, apple fritters, bear claws and much more. If you’re a vegan, this place is heaven. Almost all of the non-cake doughnuts are vegan.

Café 6 at Palms Place: This relatively new restaurant at Palms Place serves unique twists on classic American comfort food and what’s more comforting than a doughnut? On the dessert menu you’ll find Nutella doughnuts – doughnut holes dusted in cinnamon and served with chocolate sauce, caramel and crème anglaise.

Zeppole at Giada, photo courtesy Giada

Zeppole at Giada, photo courtesy Giada

Giada at The Cromwell: Americans aren’t the only ones who know how to make a great doughnut. The Italians do too – they just call them zeppoles. Giada serves citrus-infused zeppoles for dessert and they’re to die for.

Veranda at Four Seasons: If you go to weekend brunch at Veranda and you’re a doughnut fan, you’re in for a real treat. The brunch buffet features a doughnut bar. Choose how you want your doughnut made and it’ll be created fresh right in front of you. Then you can add your toppings of choice like sprinkles, sauces, nuts and chocolate.

Dunkin’ Donuts inside the Fremont Hotel & Casino: If you need a late-night fix, Dunkin’ Donuts at the Fremont downtown is open 24 hours. Dunkin’ Donuts has been making the sweet treats since 1950 and sells more than 70 varieties of doughnuts including glazed, Boston Kreme, chocolate cake, jelly, powdered sugar, cinnamon and more.

The Fat Elvis, photo courtesy Pink Box Doughnuts

The Fat Elvis, photo courtesy Pink Box Doughnuts

Pink Box Doughnuts, 10251 S. Eastern Ave.: Pink Box has several locations around town and has become a popular locals spot to get doughnuts. The shop sells classics like chocolate glazed, traditional and cake doughnuts as well as specialties like the maple bar, sweet potato cake, chocolate coco pebbles, lemon pie and pink snowball. You’ll also want to try the gourmet varieties such as the cookies n’ cream, campfire s’mores and the Fat Elvis. We’re not entirely sure what flavor that is, but peanut butter and bananas are probably involved.


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