Animated noodles draw an audience

322151_277805442249388_273602352669697_1020003_1474104663_oI don’t know about you, but the last time I had some orange chicken I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to watch some hyperactive toons from across the (other) pond.

I didn’t get that luxury last time, but there’s a new noodle shop in town that allows just that.

Anime Ramen, which recently opened up in Vegas’ Chinatown mall on Spring Mountain Road, serves up just as many Asian dishes as any of the other restaurants within walking distance – but what sets it apart is the colorfully-dressed staff (with colored wigs, resembling on-screen characters) and animation-inspired decor and programming (though you’re just as likely to catch a football game on the screens as you are some “Totoro,” depending on the time of day).

Tonkotsu ramen noodles

Tonkotsu ramen noodles

The menu is mostly basic Japanese and Asian fare like California rolls, seaweed salad, teriyaki, fried rice, udon, and of course, ramen dishes, along with a few creations like teriyaki sliders, tempura ice cream and decadent honey toast with vanilla ice cream. I tried the decent orange chicken and sampled some of the tonkotsu ramen noodles, along with some honey toast at the end – whatever you get as a main dish, get the honey toast afterward. You won’t regret it.

If you’re in the neighborhood and feeling a bit animated, give them a visit. The food is affordable and on par with the surrounding area, but hey, you might just meet a real-life cartoon waitress.