A Little Love for the Lux (Café)

Grand Lux

Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian

Why did I ever fall out-of-love with the Grand Lux Café?

The restaurants, one each in the Venetian and Palazzo, seem to be easily brushed off as “oh, that place again.” But my recent visit to the restaurant, known for its oversized portions, proved anything but tired.

My bread was warm, with a mix of sourdough and raisin. My drink was good and fairly strong – although this does tend to fluctuate from time to time based on the type of day that preceeded. My food, was definitely enough to share or to take home.

My salad was crisp, full of ingredients like avocado and chicken, not just watery iceberg lettuce. The service was good and the server kept my glass full throughout the meal.

So if you were like me and tired of what you thought was the Grand Luxe, give it another try, you might enjoy yourself.

Oh yeah, at Palazzo’s location, they serve a dozen warm chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk for dessert. Here’s a little secret for you grown-ups: life doesn’t get much better than a glass of ice cold milk and warm cookies.