A piece of Paradise, for brunch

Few things are more awe-inspiring than the Fountains at Bellagio. It’s not every day you see 1,214 water jets shooting up to 460-foot streams in beautifully choreographed synchronization to Andrea Boccelli.

Jasmine at Bellagio

Jasmine at Bellagio

But hey, you’re in Vegas, baby.

On any given day, a flood of tourists gather on the sidewalk in front of the fountains and wait for the show (every half hour in the afternoons) to catch a glimpse of greatness.

But waiting for anything isn’t your style and it’s certainly not mine. That’s why, on a recent trip to the Bellagio, I was delighted to find the Fountains Brunch.

Located in Jasmine, the otherwise Chinese-influenced restaurant, I was impressed with the direct view of the fountain show. There is even a small balcony you can stand on and a door that automatically opens before the show.

In addition to having a beautiful view, Jasmine is also one of the prettiest restaurants in Vegas. The charming restaurant features butterfly wallpaper, accents of buttercup yellow and deep coral and gorgeous window treatments.

I love the atmosphere. However, the cuisine, served boutique buffet-style, is to be savored.

Of course, there are traditional made-to-order omelets and a shellfish tower with jumbo shrimp and meaty Dungeness crab. But, continue down the line and this brunch is anything but ordinary. A complete noodle soup station is great comfort (and hangover) food. Three types of Benedicts are standard. House cured bacon, beef Wellington, Kobe beef tartare, and housemade plump, juicy sausages are just the beginning.

Add the fresh sushi and sashimi, selection of elegant canap├ęs and small bites, stuffed banana French toast and even caviar on sensationally fluffy blinis and you’ve begun to get the picture. A Peking duck trolley rolls around the dining room floor bringing a sensational duck pancake to you. Even the initial pastry service with fresh berries and jam served on a three-tiered server is perfection.

Far be it for me to skip dessert. One of Jasmine’s private dining rooms converts into a dessert-lover’s haven. When you walk in, your nose immediately picks up the sweet scent of chocolate. Perhaps that’s the chocolate fountain or the additional chocolate fondue. Macaroons, candies and pastries leave you circling the table multiple times.

The nicest thing about the Fountains Brunch is that when I went, I had an all-around good experience. There was beautiful ambiance, elegant food display and attentive service. Best of all, I caught multiple fountain shows without dealing with the weather, the crowd or the elbowing.

The Fountains Brunch
at Jasmine in the Bellagio
Served Sundays, 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
$55 per person, plus tax and gratuity.


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