Where to find yoga on the Las Vegas Strip

You can achieve Savasana in Vegas without drinking so much you happen to collapse in that position.

Say it with us: "Ommmmm"

Say it with us: “Ommmmm”

We definitely know how to party, but we also know how to unwind and stay fit (come on, we’re in bathing suits year-round). There’s more than one way to purify your mind, detoxify your polluted liver and re-balance your chakras on the Strip. No matter how crazy you get, the divine light in us still recognizes the divine light in you. Namaste B*%#@!$.

I know what you're thinking, but he's not judging you. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

I know what you’re thinking, but he’s not judging you. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International


Have you ever been laying in corpse pose and pictured the ocean waves cleansing and cooling your skin? We’ve all been there. Yoga among the Dolphins at the Mirage may be exactly what you need to lull yourself into a nirvana-like state. Try your best dolphin and fish poses in the Dolphin Habitat’s underwater viewing area that features multiple windows with curious bottlenose dolphins that glide and swim by. That’s a whole lot of dolphins. The hour-long classes are Friday through Sunday and include your yoga mat, a post-class smoothie and spa day pass for $50.

Sun Salutations Strip-side. Say that three times fast. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Sun Salutations Strip-side. Say that three times fast. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Monte Carlo

Swap your late night warrior persona for warrior I, II and III at the Monte Carlo. Yoga in the Plaza is a complimentary 60-minute yoga class for hotel guests in need of mind and body realignment after last night’s binge. Every Saturday morning at 8 a.m., instructor Alicia Goldsmith leads yogis and yoginis through a series of sun salutations right on the Las Vegas Strip. The good news is, you don’t even have to stress over how you’re going to stuff your gear into your luggage because mats, towels and water are all included.

Vinyasa with a view. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Vinyasa with a view. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Mandarin Oriental

We’ve done our sun salutations on the Strip; now try them in the sky. The eighth floor yoga studio in the Mandarin Oriental has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a breathtaking view of the pool and Las Vegas Boulevard below. Practice the ancient form of Vinyasa flow daily from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Classes are complimentary for guests and $35 for the public with an option for private instruction. If you’re looking for a little more of a punch, Pilates and kinesis wall training are also available.

Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Pigeon by the pool at the MGM Grand. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

MGM Grand  

As if being poolside in Vegas wasn’t relaxing enough. Now you can work through your morning flow at the MGM Grand pool. Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 8 a.m., the hotel hosts complimentary yoga classes for their guests. Designed for all skill levels, your instructor will take you through a series of poses to help release stress and rejuvenate your energy levels. No need to worry about packing a gym bag; mats, water and towels are all provided for you.

Come on, you guys know we can't put stuff like that on the internet. We're not that kinda website.

Come on, you guys know we can’t put stuff like that on the internet. We’re not that kinda website.

Erotic Heritage Museum

Naked Yoga. Yep, you read that correctly. OK, OK, so it may not technically be on the Strip, but who could resist adding this to the list? Vegas is infamous for bringing you experiences you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else and this ranks right near the top. The Erotic Heritage Museum hosts The Art of Naked Yoga three times a week throughout the summer months, and here’s the kicker: each class features a porn star, model or celebrity (squeeeeeal). For those of you who are little more inhibited, you’ll be happy to know that clothing is optional, so you don’t have to strip down in front of the babe you’ve been staring at on your computer screen unless you want to. Classes are $20 and you’ll need to bring your own mat (that’s probably a good thing).

Photo courtesy of Vegas Gone Yoga

Asana, art and lots of happy yoga fingers at the festival last year. Photo courtesy of Vegas Gone Yoga

Vegas Gone Yoga Festival

If you’ll be in town September 19 – 20, consider attending the third annual yoga festival held at the Springs Preserve. This year, the event is expected to attract more than 500 yoga lovers who are celebrating National Yoga Month. The festival will have 27 indoor and outdoor classes, teach healing sound techniques, and also have vendors selling yoga apparel, jewelry, oils and scrubs and even artwork. The cost ranges from $89 to $169 for multiple day passes.


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