Vegas Indoor Skydiving sets Guinness World Record

I think it’s safe to say that the folks over at Vegas Indoor Skydiving are walking on air.

The company’s general manager, Brad Hess, not only broke the current world record for front somersaults in one minute in a wind tunnel — he totally crushed it.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving GM Brad Hess breaks the Guinness World Record for most somersaults in a wind tunnel in one minute. Photo by

Hess did 53 somersaults at 10 a.m. on Feb. 8. The previous record, held by Steve Howes of the U.K., was 37.

“We are all so very proud of Brad and his accomplishment,” said Keith Fields, owner and founder of Vegas Indoor Skydiving. “Brad’s achievement proves that fast winds are fun but flight skills set records. Way to go Brad!”

Founded in 1982, Vegas Indoor Skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane. Instead you float up to 10 feet in the air inside a padded, vertical wind tunnel as a DC-3 propeller generates winds up to 120 miles per hour.

Brad Hess

Participants attend brief training, suit up in flight gear, then fly with the help of a guide for about three minutes. The smile-inducing experience provides quite an adrenaline rush, which is why Vegas Indoor Skydiving was among my summer 2013 picks for the Top 10 Thrill Rides in Vegas. (See more Vegas thrill rides, here).

For his record-breaking somersaults, Hess was required to have two witnesses, time keepers, a videographer and a photographer present.

“I feel very proud, but also glad it’s done,” said Hess of the experience. “Doing 53 flips in a minute is hard work!”

Hess described the process as a dizzying one.

“It took a lot of practice to build a tolerance to that much spinning,” he explained. “It’s also surprisingly tiring, at the end of the minute I am as out of breath as if I had been sprinting for a minute.”

Here’s the video of Hess breaking the Guinness World Record:

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