Spring blooms in Bellagio Conservatory

Raindrops on tulips, caterpillars of flowers — these are just a few of our favorite new things in the Bellagio Conservatory.

Spring has blossomed in the Conservatory courtesy of Director of Horticulture Andres Garcia and a staff of more than 100 who five times a year transform the space into a botanical wonderland.

Each day 15,000 – 18,000 people visit the conservatory, making it the most popular show in Las Vegas.

The stars of the spring exhibit are butterflies ¬†— from the 500 live butterflies fluttering around a 36-foot long greenhouse habitat dining on orange wedges and orange-flavored drinks to the giant butterflies composed of ¬†flower petals that soar high above Conservatory guests.

Other highlights include giant caterpillars composed of green spider chrysanthemums, ladybugs made of carnations, a 28-foot tall garden spade and a 30-foot tall tree.

Make sure to check out the two koi ponds located on either side of the tree, which you can walk through. The ponds are stocked with 130 fish and an underwater camera lets you see what they are up to underwater. Visit the Conservatory between 5 and 6 p.m. nightly and you can enjoy live music on a stage near the caterpillars. Keep your eyes out and you may also notice a performer high up in the giant tree.

Las Vegas’ 24-hour lifestyle means the Conservatory always has visitors, but if you want to avoid crowds, check it out early in the morning between 6 and 8 a.m. when most visitors are sleeping. And don’t be afraid to ask questions of Conservatory employees. This dedicated and friendly staff happily responds to questions, including:

  • What happens to old plants? (They are mulched to provide fertilizer to the Conservatory.)
  • Do they recycle? (Yes, 90 percent of the Conservatory is recycled.)
  • How many plants do they use? (More than 10,000 in each exhibit.)
  • How long does it take them to set this up? (Over the course of seven days, the staff of 120 works 24 hours a day to transform the 13,573-square-foot conservatory.)
The spring show will be displayed through May 11.


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