Sports fanatics can Score! in Las Vegas

I’m not much of the athletic type, but even I can appreciate the all-around sports tribute inside Luxor’s newest attraction, Score!

My husband is a huge sports fan and since he played football throughout high school and college, I know this is something he’ll definitely enjoy. In fact, the football area inside Score! features a broad jump testing station, as well as a peripheral vision test. But Score! is much more than just an interactive fun zone.

“Everything is very high energy,” said Jim Beckmann, CEO of Score! “You can do as much or as little, or everything. It’s the choice of the guest.”

When I did the walk-through, the music overhead put me in an upbeat mood, as though I was in an actual stadium. This is a sports fanatic’s paradise: Score! features separate, elaborate sections of the following: Football, hockey, boxing, soccer, baseball, basketball and NASCAR racing. Not only can you enjoy an interactive element of the attraction, but you’ll get the museum aspect with authentic pieces that belonged to famous athletes.

At Score! you can do everything from testing your hockey maneuvering skills, baseball pitching, soccer kicks, vertical jumps and more. You can even see how fast you can change an actual tire at a NASCAR-designed pit stop.

As soon as you enter Score!, you’ll learn about the business of sports. You’ll read actual contracts and endorsement deals to see how athletes make money. If you’ve always wanted the pro athlete experience, now is your chance: You’ll receive a sports fantasy contract, the chance to pick your team and even have a fantasy press release posted to your Facebook page. Throughout the experience, you’ll receive text messages putting you in the real-life situation of an athlete. What you decide to do determines your career at the end.

The interactive element is just one aspect of the attraction. Score! partnered with several Hall of Fame sports federations, making this museum the first of its kind.

“This is the first time in history that all of these sports properties agreed to participate in a shared environment,” he said. “It’s a big deal. The credibility and prestige of these institutions elevate the cultural aspect of the city’s sports fans [who] want something more than watching on TV and placing a $10 bet.”

The artifacts you’ll see in here will blow your mind. Score! features items from pro Hall of Famer Marcus Allen. From his letterman jacket to Super Bowl ring, Score! displays everything spanning his entire football career dating back to high school.

Other football Hall of Fame collectibles date back all the way from the 1920s. Right next to the football section is the hockey area, which includes artifacts as old as 100 years.

Read about legendary fighters, including Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Watch footage of different boxing matches, including Mike Tyson’s knockouts through the years.

Baseball fans can see uniforms worn by Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter and Jackie Robinson. NASCAR artifacts include driving gear from the Busch brothers, as well as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. You’ll also get to see NASCAR clips and the importance of a pit stop.

Basketball fans can read about the Lakers and Celtics rivalry, the Dream Team and much more. One of the neat things on display is the last chair Michael Jordan sat on at the United Center in Chicago.

The locker room section inside Score! is unlike any you have seen. Learn about the importance of hydration, the negative effects in steroids, sports medicine, the healing process and much more. Finally, see how you did during your fantasy contract. You’ll get to find out if you made it big or not. Hopefully, your decisions made you a star athlete!

One of the things that blew me away was the collection of jerseys, trophies and uniforms from the different Hall of Fame federations. And while I’m not sporty, I definitely want to test my broad jump, a move I’ve been finessing at the gym. Also, I’m curious to see how high a 5-foot-tall Filipina like myself can jump on a basketball vertical test.

Score! is slated to open in early November. Tickets start at $28.

(All renderings provided by Score!)


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