Solve crime and help a worthy cause at CSI: The Experience

csiblog3If you always had an itch to be a detective or a crime scene investigator, now is your chance to really give it a try at MGM’s CSI: The Experience

Marking its one-year anniversary inside the hotel’s Studio Walk, more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world have already gotten a chance to crack the case. If you haven’t tried yet, now it’s your turn.

In support of the first anniversary, MGM Resorts International’s corporate philanthropy program will match the contribution made for every $1 per ticket sold at CSI: The Experience to the Nevada Victims of Crime program, now through Sept. 26.

At CSI: The Experience, guests have three “crime scenes” to choose from. To make it even more realistic, there are three mock autopsies and two state-of-the-art crime labs for participants to draw clues from.

“The most impressive feature of the exhibit is that guests get to partake in the hands-on experience of becoming a crime scene investigator,” said Ava  Bahnam, marketing manager for CSI: The Experience. “They are getting an interactive experience solving a crime using the techniques as a crime scene investigator would.”

I remember as kids, my best friend and I would play a game called “Mystery.” We would hide, but instead for looking for each other right away, we would leave a trail of Post-It clues written by our “kidnapper,” which ultimately led to our hiding place. Silly notes included “She got too cold in the freezer, so I put her in fireplace.” While that had to be my favorite game growing up, this attraction is definitely a few notches up! Both experiences call us to follow a trail and gather clues, but with CSI: The Experience, you really feel like you’re an investigator. 

Not only have visitors from all over the world checked out this attraction, the “real” guys have also made an appearance.  

“The Las Vegas Metro Police Criminalist Squad had the opportunity to visit us and take photos in our exhibit,” Bahnam mentioned. “We do have a group photo of the team hanging on the wall. They had a fantastic time.”

CSI: The Experience is open from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., with the average experience lasting between 60 to 90 minutes. Admission is $30 per person, but if you want to try another case that same day, re-entry is $26.

Make sure you stop by this week. Not only will you get a chance to get your mind going, you’ll also be helping out a worthy cause.


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