SlotZilla zipline plans to be a monster hit in downtown Las Vegas

Rendering of downtown Las Vegas' SlotZilla zipline attraction, slated to open in June 2013 (photo courtesy of Contour Entertainment).

Miss the days of slot machines spewing out coins? How much more awesome would it be if you were thatcoin” and came out of the world’s largest slot machine, soaring high above Fremont Street Experience?

We promise we’re not making this up.

Today, Fremont Street Experience revealed plans to build a one-of-a-kind zipline. Slated to open in June 2013, the $11 million attraction is sure to turn heads and change the look of downtown Las Vegas forever.

SlotZilla will have an 11-story slot machine-themed takeoff platform located near the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. It will be a two-level ride: Riders on the upper “Zoomline” level will take off about 100 feet above the ground. And since you’ll be lying flat in the harness, you’ll zoom through the air just like Superman! The total distance this ride travels is 1,700 feet.

Showgirls pose with the 6-foot-tall SlotZilla model at today's press conference at Fremont Street Experience.

Riders on the lower “Zipline” level will take off 70 feet above the ground and zip 850 feet to the attraction’s mid-point landing platform.

Whichever you choose to experience, you’ll be flying above thousands of people and right beneath the Viva Vision canopy, the world’s largest video screen. How’s that for attention?

The name “SlotZilla” serves as a tribute to the deep gaming roots of downtown Las Vegas. The giant slot machine comes complete with a slot arm pull, spinning reels and two 37-foot-tall showgirls on each side. You’ll actually be the “jackpot” and once the doors open, you’ll exit through a giant coin tray.

“The whole idea was to be this extraordinary monster of a slot machine and this over-the-top Vegas idea,” said Chris Brown of Contour Entertainment, the company behind the attraction’s theme. “We kept coming up with other  names and nothing ever came across as strong, powerful, menacing and magnificent as ‘SlotZilla.'”

SlotZilla is a part of downtown’s ongoing improvements: “This is a city that does nothing but reinvent itself – make itself the genius that it is,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman at today’s press conference.

Flightlinez, the temporary zipline currently operating on Fremont Street, will be closed for a short period. During this time, Flightlinez will move its current platforms so that the ride can remain open during the construction of SlotZilla. Once SlotZilla opens, the Fremont Street Street Flightlinez will permanently close.

Since Flightlinez opened in 2010, hundreds of thousands of visitors experienced the ride. What started off as a temporary attraction became a major success.

Ticket sales are projected to be $20 for the Zipline, $30 for the Zoomline or $40 to ride both. If you want to avoid the lines, advanced ticket sales and reservations will be available.

Skyline (the consultant firm behind SlotZilla) is the first commercial zipline company in America.


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