Skyjump for joy from the Stratosphere

beforeleapToday I jumped from the Stratosphere Tower – and survived!

When I first heard that SkyJump – the vertical zip-line thrill ride – was making its way to Vegas, I knew I had to “jump” on the opportunity. This is the only SkyJump in North America, as well as the highest one in the world. Located on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower, the jumping platform stands 855 feet above the ground. This means you’ll be descending more than 100 stories.

But don’t freak out about the landing – I actually found climbing on and jumping from a ski lift more intimidating. As you approach your destination (a soft, cushiony landing mat), the zip-line harness slows down. This gives you more than enough time to land smoothly. You’re not jerked around, nor do you swing back and forth like an angry pendulum. All you have to do is make sure your feet are out in front of you so you can land comfortably on your feet. That’s it.

After you sign your waiver form, you’ll be fitted into a comfortable, loose-fitting jumpsuit. The SkyJump crew makes sure your harnesses are tight and secure before you take the plunge. After you’re suited up and ready to go, one of the members on the team attaches the zip-line cord to the harness clips on your back.

jeannietopThe scariest part for me actually happened right before my leap. Even though I was already fastened and ready to go, I had to hold on to railings and scoot my toes over the edge of the platform to prepare for my jump.  It didn’t help that the breeze was a little strong today, either. But once I stepped off the platform (you don’t need to jump dramatically or anything), it was smooth sailing. I felt like I was floating – so invincible and free. As soon as I landed, I wanted to do it all over again.

Words can’t really describe my experience. This is one rush you’ll  need to try on your own. I recommend this to everyone, even you scaredy cats. You won’t regret it, I promise.

The ride is $99.99 and worth every penny.  Besides, how many people can say they jumped off one of the tallest towers in the country?  From now through May 21, hours are from noon to 7 p..m. After May 21, hours will be 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Friday through Saturday (weather permitting).

See you in the sky! Check out my video of my experience:


Most folks take their Vegas jackpot winnings back home, but my dad decided to stay here instead. That’s how I left Seattle almost 20 years ago. I moved from greenery and rainy days to hot summers, palm trees and desert. As much as I love my hometown, I decided to stick around Vegas. This city just has so much to offer. You don’t even have to be a gambler, bar hopper or an all-night partier. I love Vegas for its awesome vegan-friendly spots, concerts, swanky hotel suites and spas so big, they’re like castles. The pool scene is not too shabby either, which is why I love taking stay-cations. Besides living it up -- Vegas style -- I’m hanging out with my handsome hubby, adorable baby girl, two cats and super-fluffy Shih-Tzu. I’m also a huge fan of '90s music, shows and movies. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. tivogirl at 12:44 pm

    This sounds like the descent from the Macau Tower in Macau, China. Do you get any type of freefall feeling? I hate that stomach drop, but if this is more gradual without that feeling, I could probably do it.

  2. Jeannie Borbe at 2:31 pm

    Hi, Kim! I felt more like I was floating. I didn’t get that stomach drop feeling at all. I did have butterflies in my stomach before my jump. But once you take that brave leap, it really is a smooth ride. It doesn’t go too fast, nor too slow. You get that adrenaline rush without getting sick to your stomach. I actually felt more of that stomach drop feeling in amusement park rides! I believe you can do this, and I highly recommend it!

  3. tivogirl at 10:01 am

    Thanks for the response. This sounds like something I could handle. It’s just that first step that’s the hardest!