Sirens of TI sail into sunset, but ships to remain

With the recent announcement about the closure of  Sirens of TI at Treasure Island, rumors have been swirling as to what other changes might be underway for the pirate-themed Las Vegas Strip hotel.

The saucy pirate show originally closed for a two-month hiatus on Oct. 20 as construction crews began working on a three-story, 48,000-square-foot retail space to include CVS on the property’s northeast corner. The property confirmed the show was closing permanently in late November.

The man-made lagoon in front of TI is currently drained while workers do maintenance inside it. Tourists walking in and out of the property appeared unfazed and uninterested in the drained lagoon and construction. The sidewalk in front of TI is closed off to pedestrians and the retail area is surrounded by a construction fence.

Michelle Knoll, Senior Vice President of Communications at Treasure Island, said the closure was a direct result of the construction, adding that it’s unlikely the free attraction will ever return.

“As a result of our new retail direction we were unable to keep the show,” she said. “It’s a  simple as that.”

Knoll also answered some other questions about the future of TI.

Q: Will the lagoon be permanently drained and filled in?

A: No. This time of year is its regular maintenance dry dock anyway. On or about Christmas and New Years is when it would normally be refilled, subject to regular maintenance requirements being met.

There will be water in there with the two ships remaining in them.

Q: So the ships will indeed remain?

A: The ships will remain.

Q: How far will the new retail area stretch around the front of TI?

A: It’s in the NE corner of the property and it starts on Spring Mountain side. It will come around somewhere to 80 and 100 feet of Strip footage … it curves around starting on the Spring Mountain side.

Q: Will the hotel’s façade change?

A: The façade is still our front door and the ships and the quay will still be here. We’re exploring a number of different opportunities to make it more interesting than a couple of ships and some water, but honestly we are very early in the planning stage because we had not planned for the construction to cause a problem with the show. We’re  entertaining a number of different ideas now.

Q: Senor Frog’s has a patio overlooking the bay, will that stay or be expanded?

A: They are a leasee with a longterm lease. I know nothing about any change in plans with them.

Q: What else can you tell me about the new retail area?

A: We’ve confirmed CVS for the ground floor, and were currently looking at other retailers.

Q: Why did TI decide to go in the retail direction?

A: We are in a premium location and there is retail all around us. It seems like an obvious opportunity to investigate.

Q: Is there any chance the show will return?

A: I would think it unlikely.

Q: Can we expect any other changes to the TI?

A: As far as entertainment and the front of property — all of that’s in the planning now. Pre-planning really. We’re in the idea generation stage.

Q: Will you be keeping the hotel’s pirate theme?

A: We are still called Treasure Island. We will continue to be Treasure Island. Enough said.