Sin City souvenir showdown: Three stores with $50

Your plane leaves Vegas in 3 hours and you’ve spent the majority of your time and cash making pretty questionable decisions (righteous, but questionable). Wiping the crust off your face, you wonder how bad it would look if you called in sick tomorrow to recover from vacation – CHEESE AND RICE, YOU FORGOT SOUVENIRS. You’re broke, barely lucid, and just about out of time. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there, so we’re throwing you a souvenir life jacket by telling you where to stop and what you can get for 50 bucks before you head to the airport.

Bonanza Gifts

If it’s in stock, they have it. Photo courtesy of Ashley Oñoz-Wright/

Bonanza Gifts

2440 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Welcome to the Granddaddy of souvenir shops. Sure, there’s an obscene amount of Vegas-related products like shot glasses, magnets and mugs, but when you’re the World’s Largest Gift Shop, 36,000 square feet to be exact, you kinda have to take your inventory to the next level. There’s so much more than just your average kitsch, Bonanza Gifts has a large selection of completely useless, but completely awesome gag gifts like Jane Austen action figures, giant foam cowboy hats and personalized wooden pocket knives for popular names like Cliff and Clarence.

Good:  This place has the best gag gifts in town, including stuff you don’t even realize you need. Like a middle finger snow globe, a rubber pig mask, and for all you people who can hardly feed yourselves (let alone a pet), there’s the battery operated Polly the Insulting Parrot. This is also one of the few places that still has Elvis-inspired souvenirs, like the bushy side-burned aviators we scored.

Bonanza Merch

Our Bonanza Loot: Extendable Middle Finger with non-slip grip: $8.99, Shot Glass: $4.99, Half Mug: $4.99, Elvis Sunglasses: $7.99, Illuminated Welcome to Vegas Sign: $20.99, Playing Cards from the Paris casino: $1.99.

Good to know:  For every gag gift they have, there are a bajillion other options ranging from high-end sculptures and jewelry to the tried-and-true classics like postcards and mini slot machines. Their selection blows the competition out of the water and is more than you could possibly ask for…but you’re going to pay for it. It used to be the cheapest place in town to get souvenirs, but unfortunately we found it to be the most expensive store out of the trio we visited. Lots of the stuff we bought, like the battery-operated Welcome to Vegas sign, was pricey but cheaply made.

LV Gifts on Fremont Street

FLVJG for all your Sin City tchotchke needs. Photo courtesy of Ashley Oñoz-Wright/

Fabulous Las Vegas Jewelry & Gifts

300 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Plopped down in the middle of the liquor-laden Fremont Street Experience, the Fabulous Las Vegas Jewelry & Gifts shop (whew, that’s a mouthful) is two floors of Sin City memorabilia. We’re talking poker chip pillows, naughty chef’s aprons, Viva Las Vegas tote bags and giant booze cups. On your way in and out of the store, prepare yourself for the jaw-dropping experience that is Fremont Street. The people-watching is uniquely interactive, and the alcoholically-lubricated crowd is usually massive and a bit rowdy. Keep in mind that many of them have left even their loosest morals at home. Sounds like the perfect place to shop, right?

Good:  For about the same price or a buck more, we upgraded most of our souvenirs. We paid $4.99 for one shot glass at Bonanza Gifts, but we were able to buy three shot glasses for $5.97 at FLVJG (fist pump). Item for item, this store is the best value for the money and selection on our list.

FremontSt Merch

Our FLVJG Loot: Extendable Go Fork Yourself: $5.97, Shot Glasses: $5.97, Mug: $4.97, Working Slot Machine: $22.97, Sunglasses: $6.97, Playing Cards from the Palazzo: $1.97

Good to know:  There really aren’t any gag gifts to be had so if you’re in the mood to get your great-aunt Edna that fart whistle she’s always wanted, you’re going to have to go somewhere else. From t-shirts and key chains to shot glasses and mugs, the souvenirs are pretty straight forward and traditional.

The new CVS at Treasure Island. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

The new CVS Pharmacy at Treasure Island. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

CVS Pharmacy at Treasure Island

3300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The newest place on the Strip, the CVS at Treasure Island is a convenience store/pharmacy on steroids. They’ve got about an aisle and a half of souvenirs, and then it’s filled with snacks, booze, toiletries, and medicine to fix all the damage you’ve done to your body while in Vegas. Another important fact to note, they sell beer pong kits and condoms in the liquor aisle. Now that is convenient.

Good:  The cheapest location we visited, their revenue is generated from way more than just souvenirs so they probably don’t have to charge as much for them. Not to say the merchandise is an afterthought, but they have pretty quality items at the cheapest prices of the three stores we visited. Plus, if you’ve forgotten a lot more than your souvenirs, they’ve got you covered.

CVS Merch

Our CVS Loot: Standard Playing Cards: $2.99, Giant Flask: $19.99, Red Solo Wine Cup: $5.99, Gold Back Scratcher: $3.99, Mug with Stirring Spoon: $5.99 Shot Glass: $4.99

Good to know:  The prices may be the cheapest, but they’ve also got a pretty small selection to choose from compared to the other stores. We weren’t able to score playing cards from an actual casino like the other stores, or get any of the flashier gifts like the mini slot machine or battery-operated Welcome to Vegas sign.

Did you find better souvenirs than we did? Tell us where you found them in the comment section below. Check out more souvenir shops in Vegas.


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