Rock Paper Photo takes a ‘shot’ at a physical shop

John LennonThe rare images of music and pop culture figures curated in the online Rock Paper Photo gallery can now be seen and purchased in physical space.

Rock Paper Photo’s first brick-and-mortar shop opened last week at the Hard Rock Hotel. Museum-quality prints of the gallery’s limited-edition photos are on display in the gallery-like shop and are available for sale.

The shop integrates its traditional online model with its new approach. Physical prints are on display, and monitors around the gallery showcase more of the collection. In addition, patrons are invited to use installed iPads to browse, where all of the gallery’s more than 10,000 images can be seen and purchased.

Customers can hang prints on the wall in a staged room display to help them imagine what the photos would like in their own homes.

The Rock Paper Photo gallery features images of the greats from many genres, including classic rock, blues, country and jazz.

Rock Paper Photo CEO Mark Halpern said that the gallery’s collaboration with the Hard Rock Hotel is a perfect fit.

“Their passion for music and pop culture is completely in line with our brand vision,” he said.

Photos are available in various sizes, formats and editions, with prices ranging from $125 to $10,000.