Pucci, Pratt and Delano help Las Vegas get organic

Las Vegas just got more organic and we’re not talking about the restaurants.

Lauren Nahigian's crocheted coat features a cute dog collar perfect for the pet lover. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Vegas.com.

With the exhibit Organic Matter, the lobby of the Delano Las Vegas has been transformed into a fashion runway featuring 12 pieces of wearable textile art designed by students from the Pratt Institute in collaboration with design guru Ralph Pucci.

Stretching from the split boulder valet entrance of The Delano to the hanging rock sculpture by Korean artist Jaehyo Lee near check-in, the collection of unique natural woven textiles offers an organic counterpoint to the artificiality of the Las Vegas Strip (and we’re not just talking about the faux grass and trees).

The 12 looks showcased in the Delano form a mini collection of the original 27-piece Organic Matter exhibit that was featured in Ralph Pucci International’s Nine Gallery in Manhattan and the windows of Macy’s flagship Herald Square store in New York City.

Here in Las Vegas the exhibit has a unique resonation. After being bombarded by the cacophony of Las Vegas’ visual and aural noise, these soft textile creations calm and soothe, echoing the natural world that lies just past the neon glow at places like Red Rock National Park, Valley of Fire and Lake Mead.

The exhibit also subtly reinforces The Delano’s new nature-inspired design. Plus they’re just damn cool.  After a quick walk through the free display, you’ll be jonesing for a boutique that retails these looks.

Claire McKinney's creative use of pantyhose would earn her kudos from Project Runway's Tim Gunn. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Vegas.com.

Highlights of the collection include a knit T-shirt made of pantyhose combined with a skirt and leather suspenders.  Looking at the piece, you can just imagine Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn saying “Make it work!” as a designer struggled with an unconventional material challenge.

Those who worship at the altar of Kawaii (cute) style will want to check out the crocheted coat featuring a stuffed-dog doll along the collar. Hello Kitty herself (remember she’s a girl not a cat) would love to sport this jacket if it didn’t violate the sacred dog-lovers can’t date cat-lovers rule.

There’s even a piece sporting a crocheted caged headdress that could easily have made an appearance at this year’s Fetish and Fantasy Ball.

Each look is showcased on one of Pucci’s signature matte gray mannequins from his classic MANIKIN collection. How have these, especially hot red mannequins from the Motion and Motion 2 collections, not ended up in a nightclub in Las Vegas?

The exhibit is on display in the Delano’s lobby  through Nov. 24.

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