Light up the night with The Linq and High Roller

The High Roller was officially lit last week and the Las Vegas skyline will never be the same.

A big milestone for the The Linq shopping and entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller (which is not yet open) illuminates the sky with 2,000 LED lights every night at sunset. The High Roller is the largest observation wheel in the world, and it can be seen all across the Las Vegas valley day and night. recently had a chance to talk to Jon Gray, vice president and general manager of The Linq, about the lighting of the High Roller as well as the future of The Linq.

The High Roller. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair.

How many color sequences does the High Roller have?

There’s an infinite number of possibilities, really. There’s 2,000 LED lights on there, and we can fully customize it. There’s a lot of sequences that you just design and set into the system, then it does some random sequences, and we’ve also created shows in the system for Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, so we’ve got a lot of programs that we can run at the push of a button, frankly.

We can also customize it and do some custom programming for it.

You won’t see the same sequence twice?

You’ll see the same sequences nightly, but we’ll do custom shows on different nights, and depending on the time of year we will change it and keep it fresh.

Photo by Jennifer Whitehair

What’s your favorite color scheme?

I’m a big purple fan, I love purple — it’s my favorite color, but honestly it’s just so fun to watch it change from anywhere in the valley. For me, it’s been fun to watch it from Summerlin, Green Valley, you name it. It’s been fun to watch how it really changes the Las Vegas skyline.

There’s a lot of cool sequences where we can do the interior rim one color, the exterior rim another color. Where each of the cabins connect to the rim, we can make those one color and then the rest of the rim another color. We have a sparkle effect where the whole wheel looks like it’s sparkling with white lights  flashing throughout the rim and the cabins, and we’ve got sequences that the wheel can gradually change colors, it can flash different colors.

You name it, we can really do it on the wheel.

When will the High Roller open?

In the coming month or so, but we don’t have a hard date though.

How does it feel to see your vision coming to life?

It’s really cool, I don’t even know how to describe it really. It’s a lot of pride. We have a great team on this … we’ve all stayed with this vision of creating something really unique and filling a void in the marketplace and to see it come to life is an incredible experience.

Jon Gray, vice president and general manager of Caesars Entertainment's Linq development, speaks before a construction tour of the project Tuesday, July 29, 2013. Photo by Steve Marcus.

Do you consider The Linq more of a daytime or nighttime attraction?

I think it will be both frankly. The weather down here is so great, I see people walking down The Linq right now and just enjoying the weather and popping into some shops and grabbing lunch. There’s a lot of outdoor dining. And then at night we’ll certainly have a great nightlife scene, bar scene, you can do a great bar hopping night, there will be live music every night, festivals, so it’s really both.

Where will the festivals, such as the AMC Party for a Cause Festival, take place?

Behind the wheel on the back lot. We’re anticipating 20,000-plus people back there for it. It will be a really incredible show.

Will public access to The Linq remain during these festivals?

Everyone will be able to go walk through The Linq and they’ll hopefully want to walk down and enjoy the festival. But if not, they’re more than welcome to go into Brooklyn Bowl or Yardhouse, or any of our venues.

How has pedestrian traffic been so far?

It’s been really steady and much better than anticipated. We’ve had a lot of great foot traffic through The Linq, day and night. Our tenants are very happy and … we’re very excited.

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The Linq and High Roller at night