Las Vegas puts the pedal to the metal for NASCAR and beyond

Start your engines, NASCAR fans.

The race is on to buy tickets for the Kobalt 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, a three-day weekend of live music, entertainment and racing action speeding through the Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 6-8, 2015.

The full-throttle fun continues on October 3, 2015, with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

Both events are engineered to fulfill your deep-seated need for speed. And we’re sure you’re getting all revved up. But let’s be honest. March seems like forever from now. And a speedy need doesn’t like to be stifled.

If you’re jonesing for some race car action, come to Vegas now. We don’t only have fast cars, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat:

I wanna go fast. When it comes to NASCAR, some like to watch while others live to drive. If you’re the latter, check out the Richard Petty Rookie Driving Experience. You’ll jump behind the wheel of a V-8 NASCAR-style stock car Dukes of Hazard-style and drive like a pro at speeds up to 137 miles per hour.

Drive it like you stole it. Push the limits on a real Las Vegas raceway at Exotics Racing. Choose from fancy shmancy cars including a Porsche Cayman S and a Ferrari F430 F1. If you prefer your driving experience to be shaken, not stirred, opt for the James Bond-inspired choice, the Aston Martin. If you’re feeling more passive, you can do a ride-along with a real race car driver and experience the speed from the passenger seat.

Suit up. VIP hostess (so sexy). A 3-D simulator (so fancy). Post-drive Italian espresso (so caffeine-y). Slip into a driving suit, strap on your helmet and buckle your seat belt for a five-lap drive in your choice of a Ferrari F430 GT (a car that isn’t even street legal), Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8 V10 and more at Dream Racing Experience.

On your mark. It’s a kart, not a car. But considering Pole Position Raceway was brought to Las Vegas by NASCAR champion Kyle Busch and seven-time AMA Supercross champion Jeremy McGrathwill it’s no wonder this attractions sends your heart racing as you speed along a quarter-mile track through long straightaways and hairpin turns.

A photo finish. If you want to take things slow (oh, how charming), and you’re looking for some nice photo opportunities, check out the American Muscle Car Driving Experience. You’ll drive a Shelby, Corvette and more through the scenic Red Rock Canyon with plenty of stops for photo ops and chances to update your Facebook profile pic.

Check out all Las Vegas car tours here. See you at the finish line!