Horror films are Hollywood magic, but fear is real at Fright Dome Las Vegas

Can you imagine a haunted house so scary that even the actors from the film it’s based on are afraid to go through it? Once Fright Dome at Circus Circus opens for the Halloween season on October 3, you won’t only be able to imagine it, you’ll likely relive the sheer horror for years to come in your nightmares.

Courtesy Fright Dome

This year the haunted attraction’s owner and creator Jason Egan has teamed up with Fortress Features to present Hotel Argento, an isolation-style haunted house based on the film “The Collection.” Customers with VIP Line Passes to Fright Dome will go through this haunted house one by one.

“For the first time ever customers are going through by themselves,” explained Egan. “All alone. No joke, no nothing. No guides, no groups, no safety in numbers.”

Even the stars of “The Collector” franchise — who are attending Fright Dome’s opening night — are refusing to enter Hotel Argento. “I’ve gone through his fun house enough for two lifetimes,”  said Josh Stewart, who portrays Arkin in the films. “Have fun. I’ll see you on the other side.”

Actress Emma Fitzpatrick (Elena) was equally as terrified: “Um wait. Do I have to go through it? No way. I already lived this once. You can’t make me.”

Earlier this month, VEGAS.com got a sneak preview of Hotel Argento — even while under construction the haunted house was downright frightening (story continues below):

To  celebrate Fright Dome’s 11th year Egan has added an additional haunted house to the mix, offering six total. Fortress Features fans who don’t buy a VIP Line Pass will still be able to go through a haunted house based on the movie “The Collector,” as well as Camp Chainsaw, Clownaphobia and more.

Producer Brett Forbes, who runs Fortress Features along with Patrick Rizzotti, said this is the first time his company has partnered on a live attraction.

A scene from the official trailer for Fright Dome, starring Scream Queen Danielle Harris and actor Sid Haig.

“It is extremely exciting to envision the films coming alive in this setting,” he said. “Jason and his team wanted to be authentic as possible in every aspect so we tried to help and support that goal as much as possible by providing access to props, artwork, costumes, insight from the director and writer …”

He added that Egan has done an amazing job building Fright Dome from the ground up into to the best haunted house attraction in the country.

“We felt it was a incredible opportunity,” he said. “I can’t think of a scarier theme for a haunted house than to have ‘The Collector’ and his traps around every corner.”

Egan agreed. “The collaboration with Fortress Features to use the story behind their horror movies ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ will truly take Fright Dome to the next level this year,” said Egan.

In addition to Forbes, Rizzotti, Stewart and Fitpzatrick, Fright Dome’s opening night black carpet will feature “Collector” franchise director Marcus Dunstan and his writing partner Patrick Melton, and actor Sid Haig, who portrays Captain Spaulding in “House of 1000 Corpses.”

“October third is going to be crazy, said Egan, “the best opening night we’ve ever planned.”

Fright Dome is open from 7 p.m. to midnight, October 3 through 31 in the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. General admission tickets start at $32.95 per person. A VIP Fast Pass, which gives you exclusive access to Hotel Argento costs an additional $15. VIP Private Tours are also available for $89.95 per person.