Get a taste of nature and fun at Springs Preserve

I’m just about done with this cold weather.

Sure, it’s not as cold as it is in other parts of the country. But when you’re used to 100-degree weather and wearing shorts at nighttime during the summer, dealing with this cold isn’t the easiest for the typical Las Vegan.

While springtime is not quite here yet, a trip to the Springs Preserve can definitely get you in the spirit of it and make you excited for the upcoming warmer weather. What better time to go to the Springs Preserve than now? You’ll have the opportunity to take new classes and tours, which include everything from gardening to geology, animal feeding and even insect pinning. Classes are available during the weekends and run every hour from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


See the red-necked falcon as well as other birds of prey at the Springs Preserve.

This month, the Springs Preserve’s highlight is its exhibit, “Wings over the Springs.” I was always fascinated with birds – I even remember being a kid looking out the window for hours staring at these majestic creatures. So imagine my excitement when I heard about this! During this free-flight presentation, you’ll get up-close and personal with the following birds: Eurasian Eagle Owl, Saker Falcon, Barbary Saker Falcon, Lanner Barbary, African Hawk Eagle, Barbary, Red-Necked Falcon and the African Crow Raven.  This show takes place during the weekends at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. This show is included with general admission. This is definitely something you don’t see every day, so I would take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

Enjoy other exhibits like “Periphery and Hoover Dam,” “Plant Introduction Tour” and “Animal Behind-the-Scenes Tour.” During the “Animals Behind-the-Scenes Tour,” you’ll get close to lizards, bugs and snakes.

Activities include “Paint a Birdhouse,” “Gardening 101,” “Grow Fruit in the Desert,” “Rose Gardening” and “Irrigation Tune Up.” Classes and tours are only $3 – 5. Children 5 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Locals can be a kid again and receive child-priced admission for only $4.95. Normally $9.95, grown-ups can enjoy this special price through the end of January.

With all the activities (as well as the flora, cacti and greenery) at Springs Preserve, enjoying the outdoors and nature is a lot more appealing than hiding inside from this bitter, cold weather. And with spring just around the corner, this is the ideal place to pump you up for the coming season.


Most folks take their Vegas jackpot winnings back home, but my dad decided to stay here instead. That’s how I left Seattle almost 20 years ago. I moved from greenery and rainy days to hot summers, palm trees and desert. As much as I love my hometown, I decided to stick around Vegas. This city just has so much to offer. You don’t even have to be a gambler, bar hopper or an all-night partier. I love Vegas for its awesome vegan-friendly spots, concerts, swanky hotel suites and spas so big, they’re like castles. The pool scene is not too shabby either, which is why I love taking stay-cations. Besides living it up -- Vegas style -- I’m hanging out with my handsome hubby, adorable baby girl, two cats and super-fluffy Shih-Tzu. I’m also a huge fan of '90s music, shows and movies. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.