El Loco roller coaster is here. Let’s go crazy!

After a year of anticipation, El Loco’s opening day is upon us. The crazy roller coaster is now welcoming “totally sane” riders at the Adventuredome at Circus Circus.

Well, let us be the first to tell you this electric yellow roller coaster is aptly named. From the quick shoot up the lift all the way to the final drop into the station, everything about El Loco is crazy.

“El Loco is designed to be completely very different from any other roller coaster,” says Tom Nolan, VP of the Adventuredome. “You definitely have to be a roller coaster enthusiast to enjoy this ride. No chickens allowed.”

El Loco replaced the Rim Runner flume ride, one of Adventuredome’s four original attractions. It maximizes its small footprint with 1,300 feet of track.

Here are some other El Loco fast facts:

  • There are six El Loco models in the world, including two in the United States and one in the United Kingdom, France, Australia and China
  • Cars climb the initial lift at a speed of 14 feet per second
  • Riders ascend 90 feet before dropping over and under to experience a 1.5 vertical g crest, 90-degree down drop, 45-degree tip out, 180-degree inline roll out, revers 240-degree roll and more on this 72-second ride
  • El Loco reaches a top speed is 45 mph
  • El Loco’s four-person cars feature a custom soundtrack with speakers in each seat and an open design giving riders the feeling of flying

So tell me crazy peeps, are you loco enough to ride?

El Loco is included in the $25.95 premium all-day Adventuredome ride pass. A single ride ticket costs $10. Check out more Las Vegas thrill rides, here.