Crazy about coasters? Adventuredome will introduce a whole new level of ‘Loco’ this December

It is often said that crazy people don’t actually know that they’re crazy. So by that logic, if you choose to ride the Adventuredome’s newest roller coaster, El Loco, it means you’re not loco … at all.

Ascend 70 feet before diving backwards at negative 1.5 vertical Gs, zip through a 45-degree outwardly banked turn and a 180-degree turn that drops over the edge into a barrel roll while theme music plays in the background — yeah, totally, completely sane!

Construction begins on El Loco in the coming weeks and the coaster will be ready for all rational, level-headed riders in December. Designed by S&S Worldwide, Inc., there’s only a handful of other El Loco coasters in the world (one other in the United States). This coaster will replace the Rim Runner flume ride, one of Adventuredome’s four original attractions.