Cherub headlines Las Vegas Titanic exhibit display through March 31

Editor’s Note: Cherub artifact display has been extended through March 31.

Remember the heart-fluttering scene in “Titanic” where Leo stands at the bottom of the stairs, gazing up in adoration at sultry Kate?  A bronze cherub has been recovered from the murk and is all that’s left of a swanky light fixture once perched atop a staircase just like the one featured in the movie. Only this one is more than a century old and wasn’t constructed for a blockbuster film.

Cherub figure recovered from Titanic and now on display at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Las Vegas.

The relic recently made its way to the Titanic exhibit inside the Luxor Las Vegas and is the first addition to the collection in two years. It’s missing its torch now, but what can you expect from a lamp that was under 2.5 miles of water for 75 years?  We’d bet you our lunch money the one in your living room wouldn’t last a fraction of that time.

Sure, there were lots of beefy cherubs dotting the ship’s interior, they were all the rage at the turn of the century (raise your hand if you hope that decorating trend stays in the past).  But this little guy is pretty rare.  He’s the first of his kind to be discovered on the handful of recovery expeditions that have taken place since the late ’80s.  And while we wouldn’t quite call him the Michelin man, it doesn’t look like he missed many trips to the buffet either. Oh, to live in a time where a plump figure was revered by all.  Those were the days.

According to the film’s director James Cameron, there isn’t much left of the staircases, so you can see why this is kind of a big deal.  It took years to restore the piece for exhibition, but that doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world to see it. This androgynous little tyke can be seen with the regular price of admission, but it sets sail next week. Be sure to see it before it leaves Las Vegas on February 28.


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