Bear-y spectacular floral displays


How can you not love polar bears?

They’re cute, cuddly and so good with their cubs.

But with us, they might be a little too aggressive. Luckily the bears at the Palazzo and Bellagio don’t bite.

The Palazzo celebrates the holiday season with its Arctic-inspired winter wonderland display. The seasonal décor includes a 16-foot-tall polar bear mom and her 6-foot-tall baby polar bear (see right). These polar bears are made up of 10,000 white poinsettias. Together, the bears weigh approximately 5,000 pounds.

In addition to the 225,000 cranberries in the water feature and poinsettia polar bears, you’ll also get a chance to see snow falling from the ceiling, completing the arctic theme.

Bellagio Conservatory

Bellagio Conservatory

The Palazzo partnered with Polar Bear International (PBI) to raise awareness about the conservation of polar bears. A portion of the proceeds of each poinsettia sold will be donated to PBI, developed by Ecke Ranch. (Photo courtesy of

Palazzo isn’t the only attraction featuring these cuddly creatures. The Bellagio Conservatory alsos feature a polar bear family. Comprised of 35,000 carnations, the bear’s “fur” is kept fresh by a specially designed water drip system. A popular display with tourists and locals alike, the polar bear family brings back all the holiday memories we shared when we were young. In addition to the polar bear display, visitors can see other animal additions like pecan-encrusted reindeer and a 7-foot-tall rocking horse.

Everyone is welcome and both attractions are free. These displays will be available through the end of the holidays. You’ll definitely have a “bear-y” good time.


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