Adventuredome celebrates two decades of fun in Las Vegas

If the Adventuredome were a person, it would be almost old enough to drink. The 200-foot-high Pepto pink enclosed indoor theme park at Circus Circus on the Las Vegas Strip turned 20 years old today.

Photo courtesy MGM Resorts

The Adventuredome celebrated this milestone in family-friendly style with 2,000 cupcakes and a round of “Happy Birthday” led by performers from Jabbawockeez and Tournament of Kings, as well as Fright Dome creator Jason Egan, Vice President of Theme Park Operations Tom Nolan, a couple ghoulish creatures and a clown.

“We opened with four rides and now 20 years later we have 25 rides and attractions,” Nolan told the crowd as the sound of excited screams from the nearby Inverter ride filled the air. “We’re very proud that we have filled every square foot of this five-acre indoor theme park with something fun.”

Earlier this year, Adventuredome opened Circus Circus Laser Maze Challenge, refurbished its indoor golf course and added a brand new Sponge Bob 4-D ride. “But the most exciting thing that were looking forward to is the brand new El Loco coaster due to open this year,” said Nolan.

Currently under construction, El Loco replaces the Rim Runner flume ride, one of Adventuredome’s four original attractions. The roller coaster will ascend 70 feet before diving backwards at negative 1.5 vertical Gs, zip through a 45-degree outwardly banked turn and a 180-degree turn that drops over the edge into a barrel roll.