What’s your Vegas shopping style?

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Grand Canal Shoppes
The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas featuring the Grand Canal Shoppes luxury shopping center.

Is there ever a bad time for retail therapy? We think not. Each new purchase stands to improve your life one way or another. New timepiece? That’s a watch, in case you aren’t accustomed to a connoisseur’s vocabulary. But not just any watch. A new timepiece is proof you appreciate craftsmanship and style. In a day where one can simply glance at the glowing screen on your phone, a timepiece is an hourly reminder that you have arrived and with disposable income to boot. New dress? You feel like a million bucks because you look like a million bucks. What can we accomplish when we’re in a good mood and shining from the inside out? The answer is everything. New shoes? You can rule the world. Ok, this one may have some bias behind it, but you get the picture.

But – and this is a big one – we need to get real about one thing: not all shopping is created equal. In fact, not all shoppers are created equal. So, we’ve scoured high and low looking for the best shopping experience you could possibly have for your retail personality. And guess what else we’ve found: the granddaddy of Vegas shopping. Cue the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. Sing it with me: if you’re happy and you know it, swipe your card. Swipe Swipe.

The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Artsy Shopper

Do you pair your hand-woven purple scarf with horn-rimmed glasses and an enigmatic grin? Chances are, you have a whimsical, artsy side that gives you an affinity for originality, creativity and the ability to capture the essence of each subject and medium with which you commune. And nobody does that better than Uno de 50. The jewelry maker specializes in pieces that use leather and alloy, all of which are handcrafted in Madrid. Many allotments only have 50 pieces made of each design, hence the uno de 50, get it?

And then, there’s Cuadra. A Mexican leather company specializing in hand-made footwear and accessories made from exotic textiles like shark, stingray and python. Each piece of leather contains unique markings that have been preserved to reflect the pure and authentic condition the hide was in before it was collected. These artisans are literally hand-sewing and nailing pieces of each shoe to make a one-of-a-kind product. Talk about safeguarding a time-honored tradition.

But perhaps the artsiest thing about the Grand Canal Shoppes is that they have their very own live entertainment. Some of the best entertainers Las Vegas has to offer can be found right under your nose, tucked around corners or under the vast painted skies of St. Mark’s Square. From the living statues to the booming serenades of Italy’s finest operatic gondoliers, and of course, the wondrous Venetian trio playing exquisite, live Italian music. The Shoppes also recently welcomed its newest art installation, The Wishing Tree. Found on The Palazzo side of the retail level, you will be amazed by the handcrafted brass leaves that resemble olive trees commonly found in Venice. But did you know they have a theater too? Catch one of Spiegelworld’s famed creations and one of the best new shows in Vegas with the Atomic Saloon Show. That’s right, there’s a little slice of the Wild West just waiting to crack you up with its lawlessness and raunchy innuendos. So, sit back and relax, unless you see a rogue tumbleweed barreling toward you, then by all means – duck! 

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The Venetian Las Vegas Resort with a view of the canal and the Mirage.
The Venetian Las Vegas Resort with a view of the canal and the Mirage.

Window Shopper

If decked-out storefront displays and strolling the endless rows of retail are your thing, you might be a window shopper. And boy, do we have a treat for you. Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, Rolex, Van Cleef & Arpels. Oh yes Darling, if it sounds like I’m reading from the luxury phone book, it’s because I am. Welcome to Bellusso Jewelers, home of the sexiest luxury brands on the planet and conveniently located on the swanky marble-laden floors of the Palazzo’s Atrium. It’s the perfect place for window shoppers to lustfully gaze at all the sparkly goodness associated with a high-altitude tax bracket.

As is the Animazing Gallery. Originally home to pieces by some of the greatest illustrators in the country, it has since expanded to include pop culture and fine art pieces by contemporary artists and celebs like Sylvester Stallone. You can take home your very own vintage sketches from “Peanuts,” “Walt Disney Studios” or “Looney Tunes” animations. Nothing gives you better bragging rights than showing your dinner guests an original storyboard panel of Mickey Mouse’s iconic feature in “Fantasia” from the 1930s. It’s rendered with brown graphite with Disney spelled backward for crying out loud. This also marked the first time in the history of the company that Freddy Moore drew Mr. Mouse with pupils, and as they say in Tinseltown, the rest was history.

The Grand Canal Shoppes with Gondola's on the water at the Venetian Las Vegas.
The Grand Canal Shoppes with Gondola’s on the water at the Venetian Las Vegas.

Luxury Shopper

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a bon vivant by the toe. If you can name the dead presidents quicker than the living, chances are you aren’t afraid to spend them either. You, my dear, are a luxury shopper. When typical, off-the-rack just won’t do, we turn to Robert Graham. “Be the shout,” they say, “not the echo.” And that’s exactly what you can expect from the custom clothier who specializes in mixed media fabrics and one-of-a-kind prints.

But it’s not just about the clothing, it’s about the lifestyle. And Tory Burch has epitomized the upper echelons of the American lifestyle since opening their Elizabeth Street boutique in 2004. The company is known for empowering women and helping them feel their best with classic yet bohemian styles. In other words, you feel good when you look good. And few things are better than chic and sophisticated clothing that you aren’t constantly tugging at or trying to smooth out. They’ve become so successful over the years the company has spun into new brand collaborations with the likes of Luxottica, Fossil and Shiseido, launching this year.  

And because nothing says luxury like some good old-fashioned man pampering, the Art of Shaving is there to fulfill your every grooming indulgence. With multiple packages to choose from, like haircuts and head shaves or the traditional hot towel and straight-razor beard trim, it’s hard to believe a gentleman could want much more. Or maybe it isn’t. How about some essential oils and fine botanical ingredients? Yes, of course. The master barbers at The Art of Shaving use peppermint, rosemary, lemon and lavender to soothe and refresh your skin.

At Grand Canal Shoppes, you can seek the world with an assortment of shopping, dining and entertainment options that are sure to please. So, whether you’re an artsy shopper, window shopper or luxury shopper, the possibilities are endless.


Born a Buckeye - raised a Hoosier. I grew up in a one-horse town that straddles the Indiana/Ohio state line and until 2006, was in two different time zones. There were three stoplights and a whopping 48 students in my graduating class. Fast forward a few years later, I was bitten by the travel bug and decided to head west. It seems like no matter how long I live here, there’s always something that still makes my jaw drop. That’s what I love about Vegas; you never know what you’re going to see next and that’s what makes living here so much fun. Basically, if you’re bored in this town, there’s something wrong with you…not the city. I’m an avid traveler with an incurable case of wanderlust so stay tuned for all the tours, attractions and shopping adventures that Sin City has to offer.