What’s your Dorsey cocktail personality?

Smooth, sensual and sophisticated. You may think this is a description of the plush ambiance or rubbed-brass details you’ll find at The Dorsey, a bespoke bar inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But more so, these are the characteristics of the drink menu. Hand crafted and of the highest quality, these made-to-measure cocktails have been tailored to fit your most subtle nuances and even your current mood. This is not just another place to belly up at the bar, dear friends, this is an experience that is redefining nightlife in Las Vegas.

A glossy alternative to the traditional nightclub scene, The Dorsey is an infusion of contemporary music in a sexy, yet relaxed space. A space where experiences are curated, and one can have a night on the town from the comfort of worn-leather chesterfields. Welcome to the idea of cocktail couture, where what you fancy has been specially designed for you and where intimate, conversational corners are coveted as highly as the elevated libations.

The Dorsey Library inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Whether you’re a classic champagne sipper or prefer the malt and molasses of a youthful scotch, what you order can say a lot about your personality. A Reposado served neat may say you’re cultured, yet uncomplicated. Tiki tumblers more your style? Well aren’t you just the life of the party.

Cocktails vary as much as the people who partake in them. But at The Dorsey, there’s one thing they must all have in common: balance. For The Dorsey bartenders, it’s about creating a harmony with unexpected ingredients. Each component dancing together to produce the perfect flavor profile.

Anybody can shake up a drink and call it a “craft cocktail” these days. But it takes more than summoning your creativity with fancy swizzle sticks and paper umbrellas to embody the genre. True masters of the cocktail arts, like those found behind the bar at The Dorsey, create a multi-layered seduction of the senses.

The Dorsey at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Sight – Because often the first sign of attraction is visual. Precise ratios of liquid, whipped and textured foams, contrasting colors and etched glass create sexy accessories you want to be seen holding.

Sound – The clink of artisanal ice. The pop and fizz of effervescence. A slow glug into a glass that has been carefully chosen to accentuate the elixir inside. Cue the crescendo of ooh’s and ahh’s.

Smell – Then, there’s olfactory stimulation. A freshly-picked garnish is placed next to the straw, so your first flavor encounter is laced with essential oils. Fresh mint, sharp ginger, the warmth of cloves or crisp green apples are deliberately perched on a glass to emphasize fragrance.

Touch – For many patrons, the vessel the cocktail comes in matters just as much as what’s inside. After all, an elegant drink deserves an elegant glass. But there’s also a science behind it. Like wine, the shape of each glass provides specific aeration, so The Dorsey’s barware is carefully selected for both style and function. That is, unless you’re drinking out of one of their copper pineapples. Those were chosen for cheeky humor and sheer whimsy.

Taste – You won’t find artificial flavoring in these cocktails; The Dorsey only uses fresh and seasonal ingredients. Before assembly lines bottled your favorite spirits and accoutrements with preservatives, bartenders did the unheard of: they spent time juicing real fruit and shaving whole nutmeg. The Dorsey adheres to this classic cocktail lore by returning to authentic flavors and techniques.

You can already tell these are no ordinary cocktails. These cocktails have been painstakingly engineered, sourced for the freshest ingredients and selected for your discerning palate. So, pull up a seat for some of The Dorsey’s finest concoctions, and they’ve been chosen for you by the best of the best at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

French Pearl at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Cocktail #1: French Pearl

Ingredients: Gin, fresh lime, mint leaves & French Pernod Absinthe

Why these ingredients: The gin’s woodsy bitterness needs to be evened out, and there may be no better opponent than the sugary softness of absinthe and fresh mint leaves. This cocktail is the antithesis of the mojito, it is boldly refreshing but not overpoweringly sweet.

Who it’s for: The classic sophisticate. Polished yet spunky, this cocktail is as timeless as old Hollywood and so are you. You are refined and always put together, often matching your ensemble with the perfect accessories. Your palate is well-versed and well-traveled, always preferring quality over quantity.

The Narrator at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Cocktail #2: Narrator

Ingredients: Rye whiskey, Amaro CioCiaro, Punt e Mes & orange bitters

Why these ingredients: The spicy and dry nature of rye whisky blends well with the rich heaviness of cloves, cinnamon and allspice from the Amaro CioCiaro. When combined with the bright cherry notes of Punt e Mes, this concoction becomes bitter sweet. Think dark chocolate; it’s creamy but bold – tart but sugary.

Who it’s for: The indirect influencer. You don’t hog the spotlight, because you don’t have to. You exude confidence by being comfortable in your own skin, and people notice you because of it. You aren’t afraid of being a bit of a loner and have no problem approaching the bar by yourself. But, that rarely happens because people are curiously drawn to you.

The Easy Street at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Cocktail #3: Easy Street

Ingredients: Vodka, cucumber, elderflower & lemon

Why these ingredients: A good vodka is an infusion of strength and subtlety, just like this cocktail. The elderflower, a tiny white European bud that recently became mainstream with help from the Royal Wedding, adds light floral notes. The fresh lemon and muddled cucumber lend themselves to an eternal summer.

Who it’s for: The daydreamer. You are often on the grind, multi-tasking and making countless decisions that leave your mind wandering through far-off lands in search of more relaxed experiences. Rather than reading every last detail of a menu to choose a drink, you want something delicious and refreshing without the effort and fuss. You’ll find the light and carefree feeling of summertime memories by the pool at the bottom of this glass.

Montañista at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Cocktail #4: Montañista

Ingredients:  Mezcal, Braulio Amaro & blanc vermouth

Why these ingredients: Mezcal, the latest liquor of the moment, embodies the smoky essence of roasted char, a unique departure from the wood-fired smoke you’d find in a scotch. When paired with the Italian herbal digestif, Braulio Amaro, the cooling properties ease the tensions of such a drastic contrast and provide a counterbalance. Similar to eating hot grilled vegetables in the Alps. Although most would think these notes are mismatched, they’re like a group of friends who are nothing alike but complement each other’s personalities. Blanc vermouth adds a citrusy sweetness and a grapefruit peel garnish adds brightness to complete the flavor profile.

Who it’s for: The daredevil. You thrive on discovering the exotic and unfamiliar, and would boldly slurp the worm straight from the mezcal bottle. Not unlike the courageous and thrill-seeking mountaineers this cocktail is named for, you look for memorable experiences that keep you on your toes and make you feel alive.

The Texico at The Dorsey inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Cocktail #5: Texico

Ingredients: Tequila, green apple, almond, dry vermouth, egg whites and Mexican cinnamon

Why these ingredients: This flavor profile is the ultimate marriage of bold and subtle symmetry. Agave soothes the bite of tequila and is paired with a crisp green apple and Mexican cinnamon – a softer and brighter counterpart that is spicier, yet less woody. The egg white softens and binds the flavors together for a not too sweet, not too dry combination.

Who it’s for: Those with a flair for adventure but not necessarily risk-takers. You may not jump head first into the unknown, but you’ll definitely dip your toe in the pond. This happy human cocktail is for those who would like to try new things but typically stick to tried and true staples they know they like. This is a great choice for those who want to push themselves for something new and a little outside the box.

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