Watch the Bellagio Conservatory transform into a Winter Wonderland

Each year the Bellagio Conservatory creates an enchanting winter garden that touches the hearts of visitors from around the world.

“When you get into the Conservatory for this particular display, it’s like we become children again,” said Andy Garcia, director of horticulture for Bellagio Conservatory. “It really is one of my favorites.”

This year’s display includes a polar bear family made from 35,000 white carnations, eight “flying” reindeer soaring over a giant holiday card made of thousands of blooming flowers and a 7-foot-tall rocking horse, placed in the center of a working train display.

The Conservatory would not be complete without its towering, 42-foot Shasta fir tree. Dressed with thousands of shimmering lights, the Christmas tree serves as the Conservatory’s centerpiece.

Witness all the work it takes to transform the Bellagio Conservatory from autumn splendor to a winter wonderland in these videos.

The final product



Witness the transformation in timelapse photography