’s Halloween Countdown: Shocktails

You’re probably getting thirsty with our countdown to Halloween. Never fear – well, do fear because it’s Halloween, but you know what we mean. Las Vegas restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs know what you want in your candy buckets this year. Here’s a hint: It rhymes with shmalcohol. And to give you an extra treat, we’ve broken down the options based on how you plan to dress up. Silky smooth or covered in fake wounds, Vegas has the Halloween drinks for you.

Dare the Devil to a drinking contest

Where: Panevino

How much:$12

Four Halloween cocktails. Photo courtesy of Panevino.

The drinks: This elegant off-Strip eatery knows how to do Halloween right! The Demon is a Liar (Coldcock American herbal flavored whiskey with Ogden’s Own Underground handcrafted herbal spirit, Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe and Bittermens citrus bitters) is “herbal and smooth,” which we’re guessing helps during the inevitable exorcism. The Mark of the Beast (Devil’s Share bourbon, Paddy Devil’s Apple liqueur, Angry Orchard hard cider and Bar Keep organic apple bitters) is refreshing like spotting 666 on your date’s forehead. Unforgiven (Stoli Jalapeno vodka, Rogue Chipotle Spirit, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur and homemade habanero simple syrup) is a fiery concoction that sweetens your tongue before biting it hard. And the Fallen Angel (Angel’s Envy bourbon, Sweet Revenge wild strawberry liqueur, macerated strawberries and rhubarb bitters) will make you totally understand why good angels go bad.

Your costume: Devil in a Red Dress. These are drinks designed for the dark ones. If your costume is demonic and diabolical while still sexy and sophisticated, these are the drinks you need. One sip, or four solid slurps, and you’ll see why every devil has her day. And yes, that’s a real doll’s head in the Mark of the Beast – just in case you ever thought, “This drink is good, but it could really use a soupcon of severed head.”

Like it’s right out of the vein

Where: Tacos and Tequila

How much: $10

Vampire Bite. Photo courtesy of Tacos and Tequila.

The drink: We may not associate pyramids and plasma, but the Vampire Bite (Grey Goose, Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Patron XO Dark Cocoa and Luxardo cherries) just might change the way you see the Sphinx. If you’ve never thought of sinking your teeth into the first mummy you come across, this drink will give you the courage. And even if you’re not into the cross-promotion of ancient Egypt and Transylvania, with this treat dripping from your lips you’ll be able to chow down on any mythical beast you want.

Your costume: Vampire. Duh. It’s right there in the name. This is a drink for serious creatures of the night. The color, consistency and cruel intentions of this sweet, blood substitute will make you feel like undead royalty each time you pluck a stained cherry off the skewer with your fangs.

How sexy can you slurp?

Where: Cabo Wabo Cantina

How much: $12

El Vampiros. Photos courtesy of Cabo Wabo Cantina.

The drink: There’s more than one kind of blood sucker on the block. And if you’re less Nosferatu and more Nosfer-F-U, El Vampiro (Absolut Mandarin, real tar puree, blood orange liquor and house made syrup) will satisfy your sweet fangs. Just remember, if the drink turns you into a succubus, you have the Sin City responsibility of biting someone you love.

Your Costume: Sexy Vampire. There’s a big difference. Putting on a cape and stuffing some plastic teeth in your mouth might get you a few laughs, but tight leather and a martini glass draws in potential snacks. This is a drink to lap up at the bar while you scope out the room for a hot, throbbing neck.

Special addition: With all the unsupportive (in more ways than one) costumes out there, it’s easy to forget that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Cabo Wabo is featuring two cocktails, the Chi-Chi Rita and the Ta-Ta Tini to raise money for Susan G. Komen of Southern Nevada.

The obligatory pumpkin spice

Where: Hyde Bellagio

How much: $18

Spellbinder. Photo courtesy of Hyde Bellagio.

The drink: Halloween is about more than creepy crawlies and finding somebody to share your coffin. There’s a magic to the season too. The Spellbinder (fresh pumpkin puree, coconut milk, clove syrup, rum, bitters, garnished with a cinnamon “broomstick”) is like a potion that makes you fall in love with fall – like you weren’t already – and the idea of sharing a sip with someone special.

Your costume: Princess Pumpkin. OK, that might not be a thing – yet. But if you’re the creative type who loves coming up with your own characters, there are few better ways to stir up some symbolism than centering your thoughts and swirling a stick of cinnamon. This smooth and crisp libation will definitely get those creative juices flowing.

Thunder for your taste buds

Where: Double Barrel Roadhouse

How much: $14

Dark and Spooky. Photo courtesy of Double Barrel Roadhouse.

The drink: Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burns and cauldron… fills itself with so much liquor that we can’t rhyme anymore. The Dark and Spooky (Bacardi Oakheart, lemon, ginger syrup, Jagermeister, rimmed with striking black sugar) is the drink we’d make if we were dancing naked around a pot in the middle of the woods on a dark and stormy night. Then we’d drink it and let things get crazy.

Your costume: Witch. Sexy or scary, the witch is a classic costume that works for anybody – much like this drink. This is for the Halloween purists who know that sugar is better than spice and having fun at a party is better than squatting under a pile of leaves hoping to jump out and scare someone. You can even get a little, plastic spider ring to make your witchy wickedness complete.

You’ll be crawling for more

Shredded Gator. Photo courtesy of Mizuya Lounge.

Where: Mizuya Lounge

How much: $14.50

The drinks: When you’re over the vamps and nasties, and you want to take Halloween back to its harvest roots, the Shredded Gator (Absolut Raspberri, lime and cranberry juices) is a deliciously fruity mix that we’re guessing only approximates the flavor of real gator. Swamp Water (Malibu Black rum, rhubarb soda, fresh blueberries, lime juice and mint) will make you feel like taking a dip in the bayou without scrambling for a shower and malaria treatment afterward. And the Faery Nectar (Beefeater gin, Campari, Solerno blood orange liqueur and Prosecco) will remind you that dark, damp environments can still house beautiful creatures – especially when sweaty lounges are filled with cuties in costumes. Three more Halloween themed cocktails, Tru Blood, V Shot and Fangbanger, are available as well.

Your costume: The guy from “Duck Dynasty” with an alligator biting his crotch. This is where the clever costumers get to shine. Take a political stance, support a cause or just stick it to some celebrity that you don’t like. Whatever you do, make a statement. Anyone can throw on a store-bought Ice Bucket Challenge costume, just like anyone can stir together some vodka and fake blood. Mizuya went the extra mile to be original; you can too.



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