The Money Fight: Mayweather vs McGregor

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THE BOXING MATCH OF THE CENTURY IS UPON US (or, the newest one since that whole #MayPacalypse thing)! Get ready folks, because Floyd “Money” Mayweather (49-0) and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor (21-3) are throwing down at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena like we do at the buffet.

The Beef

If you’re just coming down from your State of Nevada-legalized high and are wondering how this circus act of a fight happened in the first place, you’re not alone. Long story short: these dudes were just talkin’ smack. And talk smack they did, because everyone knows about this fight, even the old ladies down at the beauty salon. Name another time in history where the world’s top boxer (Mayweather) fought the UFC’s biggest star (McGregor)? NEVER! This is a big deal, especially once you combine Las Vegas’ fightin’ history with the new car smell of T-Mobile Arena.

Where to Watch The Fight

Now that the fight is here, you’re going to want to be in Vegas to catch the action up-close-and-personal. There’s only one issue: the price of that ticket. Tickets are going to set you back a couple thousand bones (even King Midas would’ve flinched). If your passion for the fight outweighs the bread in your bank account, don’t even trip, because guess who has two thumbs and all the deets you need to enjoy the big fight in Vegas? We’re obviously talking about ourselves.

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If you’re going through the trouble of watching the big fight in Las Vegas in person, you’re going to want to be as close to the action as possible. So pull up some stump at MGM Grand, Bellagio or Aria, where a cool $290 gets you entry into a closed circuit viewing party complete with enough all-you-can-drink booze to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. If you’d rather not sail on the S.S. Blackout, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Luxor and Excalibur all have packages starting at $150 (select locations have food and beverage options starting at $99).

The After-Party

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Now that you know where to enjoy the boxing action, it’s time to set your sights on the after-party. McGregor has let it be known that his official jump off is going down at Wynn Resort’s Encore Beach Club. Pack your swimsuits and water wings, because this is a pool party folks. As predicted, “Money” Mayweather is having his fiesta at his strip club, Girl Collection (hey Champ, if you’re reading this and want a feature, give our advertising department a jangle). And because knowledge is power, here’s the 4-1-1 on other top nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Other Things to Do

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Are you down for the count on late night festivities? Lucky you, we happen to have a few non-club ideas for ya. After a solid night’s sleep and an ice pack, you’ll be ready to embrace the liberating vibrations that you can only experience at Machine Gun Vegas. This place is like Ivan Drago’s gym in Rocky IV. It’s so state-of-the-art that they’ll  be able to strap you up with everything from a fully automatic Browning M1919 to a Ruger Super Redhawk pistol. We’re no weapons experts, but we assume that those guns will break you.

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Appreciate the speed of a fighter like Manny Pacquiao? Maybe you have an affinity for exotics (nah, we’re not talkin’ about women *ba dum tss*)? If so, the only way to quench your thirst is to hit up Exotics Racing. Name a car and Exotics has it: McLaren 570S? Yup. Lamborghini Gallardo? Uh huh. Ferrari 458 Italia? Chya, brah. Much like Conor McGregor, this is an opportunity for you to fight your dream fight. Unless you’re making that Mayweather money (or you just got KO’d), when are you ever going to be in the driver’s seat of a foreign import, rippin’ through hairpin turns?

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Maybe you’re a sucker for a view. Like a ringside seat, there’s no better view of Vegas than Maverick Helicopter’s Vegas Nights tour. The Las Vegas Strip is as iconic as some of the legends who’ve fought under the city’s bright lights. Catching the Strip from this angle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (trust us, we’ve done it).

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Who’s going to win the fight? Unfortunately, our Fortune Teller’s license expired a few months ago, so legally, we can’t make that call. What we can say though, is that now you have some options on how to spend the big fight weekend in Vegas. It’s hard to say where we’re watching the fight. We’re just hoping that we won’t be ending the night with a giant steak over our eye.


It gets cold in Northern Nevada. Like, Leo in “The Revenant,” type of cold. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but after spending the majority of my life up north, I was ready to kick the crappy weather to the curb and start working on my year-round tan. Initially, my desire to move to Las Vegas solely revolved around the weather, and that’s it. Little did I know what this city truly had to offer. Where else can you pop into a grocery store at 3 a.m. and see a showgirl buying almond milk and kale, or hit the local dry cleaners to catch a Cirque performer dropping off their costume? This town is 24/7 excitement, and I haven’t even mentioned gettin’ down at the hottest nightclub or the questionable decisions you make at sketchy downtown dive bars. Adventure in abundance is why I love Vegas. And it’s usually available where you least expect it.