Must Dos this weekend in Vegas: June 19 – 21, 2015

Hold onto your party hats because it’ll be a weekend chock-full of celebrations. Celebrating dear old dad, your favorite cartoon characters, the fact that you love beer, and last but not least, that fact that you’re still breathing. Of course, the last one is totally contingent upon whether or not you actually follow our safety tips while partying it up in a sweltering 185 degrees in the Vegas desert. OK, it may not be that hot, but let’s put it in perspective: We looked at the weekend forecast and it’s supposed to be the same temperature in Egypt. So while you’re out partying your faces off, do your best to be smart about it.


Let’s hope the only thing you’ll be popping at EDC is your booty.

Electric Daisy Carnival

What do you get when you pour nature, music, technology and kindred spirits into the same venue and shake ’em all around? An otherworldly dimension that’s better than any acid trip you’ve ever taken. It’s EDC weekend folks, so grab your fuzzy boots, tutus and edible body paint because it’s time to party. For those of you not “in the know,” the Electric Daisy Carnival is a three-day electronic music festival that drew 400,000 people to Vegas last year and is a lot like Disney meets Willy Wonka with less clothing (you’ll probably even see Oompa Loompas). This is quite possibly the biggest party you’ll ever go to, so even if you think it’s a little expensive: treat yo’ self, Boo. There are nearly 200 DJs mixing up the sickest beats, carnival rides, pyrotechnics and unending shenanigans. For a full list of EDC events, check this out.


Double-O-Dad reporting for duty.

Pancakes with Papi Chulo

It’s Father’s Day weekend, and Papa Bear has got to eat. Start at Buddy V’s Ristorante in the Venetian for brunch, where they’ll be serving total dude-oriented choices like meat, some other meat and some more meat. Feel free to roar and pound your chest, we’ll wait. They’re barbecuing over at HEXX Kitchen at the Paris Las Vegas, so there’s no need to singe your eyebrows again this year because they’re grilling up a feast fit for a king. After dinner, walk over to the Mirage Las Vegas for a premium cigar and scotch pairing on the patio at RHUMBAR. Choose from four fancy, schmancy scotches including Glenrothes 1995, Glenrothes 1998, Glendronach 15 year and Glendronach 18 year with a medium-bodied Freyboy house cigar. Some of you are staring blankly into space; others are clapping your hands in excitement. Hey, everything ain’t for everybody…knowwhadwemean?

If gorging yourself all day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, it’s cool. There’s plenty of awesomeness to be had. Before you get Dad another tie, what he really needs is to feel like the invincible man he was before diapers and spit up took over his life. Once upon a time he was “Bond, James Bond” (or so he thought). Now he can relive his glory days in the ultimate Midlife Crisis Father’s Day package. Exotics Racing will hand him the keys to an Aston Martin for the day and he’ll cruise over to Machine Gun Vegas where he’ll fire off a series of 13 different firearms. His next order of business is in the sky, where he’ll get in the cockpit of an Extra 330LC airplane and learn to dogfight at 250 miles per hour with Sky Combat Ace. Once he’s earned his wings, he’ll sit down for cocktails (shaken, not stirred) and a prepared-to-perfection steak at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ STK. This ultimate Father’s Day package can be yours for the super low price of $4,250.00.


Open Container

Open Container at Downtown Container Park

Calling all beer lovers and movie buffs, it’s all about lager and laughs on Friday night as Motley Brew celebrates their monthly Open Container event going on this summer in Downtown Container Park. With more than 20 seasonal beers on tap to taste and hilarious movies playing on the big screen, it’s sure to be a night to kick back and relax in your comfy shorts and flip flops but still be part of the Vegas nightlife. Come on you guys, as if walking around the streets with a beer in your hand wasn’t liberating enough, now you can do it with a couple hundred of your newest friends. Tickets are $20 online or $25 at the door.


We hear this dude’s name is Finn, but we think he looks like Molar Man. Photo courtesy of LV Weekly

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

If you can manage to peel yourself out of bed during the daylight, Las Vegas Comic Con is swooping in and taking over the South Point. It’s like Halloween on steroids, only this time it’s the adults who are fighting over which super hero costume they’re wearing. The arena and exhibit halls will feature limited edition comics, cartoons, a video game arena and meet and greets with some of the most legendary names in the comic world. Marvel, DC, Valiant, IDW, Disney and Dynamite artists, creators, writers and actors will be there so you can fawn over them. They’re pretty much living the dream you always wanted. They’re working with their (and your) favorite childhood idols while you don the same tired uniform every day, babysitting overgrown children at work. Bitter party of one. Just kidding, but you should totally check it out because the people behind the scenes are the reason your favorite characters are so bad ass. Tickets start at $25.


Hello Kitty first made her way into our hearts, now it’s on to our bellies.

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

Guess who joined the food truck revolution! Making its first Vegas appearance, this mobile vehicle of cuteness was designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the beloved Japanese character, Hello Kitty. The truck offers pastries, macarons, mini cakes, doughnuts, and other super cute goodies, including merchandise. Hello Kitty Café Truck fans can follow its movement on social media and stay up-to-date on future appearances. It’ll be rolling through Vegas and stopping at the Fashion Show Mall on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you’re a fangirl/boy, get excited for the Hello Kitty Café, opening in SoCal in late 2015.


Born a Buckeye - raised a Hoosier. I grew up in a one-horse town that straddles the Indiana/Ohio state line and until 2006, was in two different time zones. There were three stoplights and a whopping 48 students in my graduating class. Fast forward a few years later, I was bitten by the travel bug and decided to head west. It seems like no matter how long I live here, there’s always something that still makes my jaw drop. That’s what I love about Vegas; you never know what you’re going to see next and that’s what makes living here so much fun. Basically, if you’re bored in this town, there’s something wrong with you…not the city. I’m an avid traveler with an incurable case of wanderlust so stay tuned for all the tours, attractions and shopping adventures that Sin City has to offer.