Corey Feldman’s Lost Boys Ball

By Caroline Fontein

coreyEveryone knows Corey Feldman for his work in memorable films such as “The Goonies” and “Stand by Me.” What you may not know is that Feldman is also a singer in his band Truth Movement.  The band is hitting the road and making a stop in Vegas for Corey Feldman’s Lost Boys Ball on Oct. 23 at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. The show will feature a live performance by Truth Movement, a special screening of the original 1987 film “The Lost Boys” and a sneak peek of the newest Lost Boys film “The Thirst” slated to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 12.  The show starts at 5:30 p.m. Tickets start at $20.

“Expect to see the unexpected,” says Feldman. “It’s an audio visual experience. It’s very interactive. It’s a giant production with everything from lasers to video screens, multimedia projections, dancers with LED hula hoops and just kind of crazy stuff.”

Along with the spectacle he explained that Truth Movement consists of highly-talented musicians whose performances are something to treasure because of the “pure genius musicianship that you’ll see on stage.” Saxophonist Scotty Page who performed on Pink Floyd’s 1987 album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” and the corresponding tour, is scheduled to join Truth Movement for the show.

With Halloween right around the corner guests are encouraged to attend the show show in costume for a costume contest with prizes.

The newest Lost Boys film “The Thirst” is the third in the Lost Boys series. Feldman described it as an “action-packed vampire horror slash comedy film” with Edgar and Alan Frog (played by actors Feldman and Jamison Newlander) re-teaming after 25 years to stalk vampires.

Unlike other recent vampire films and television shows like “Twilight” and “True Blood,” “The Thirst” is less about the romanticism and the eroticism of vampires and more about the hardcore blood and guts, explained Feldman.

“Look vampires are bad guys and they’re not out there seducing and falling in love all the time. It’s really about the fact that they want to kill you and they want to drink your blood and they want to live forever. When you know that there’s demons like that prowling the Earth at the end of the day there’s only one solution, which is to find a really good vampire hunter and take them down, and that’s where the Frog Brothers come in,” says Feldman.

As for his music, Feldman started writing songs when he was a kid and became a fan of Weird Al Yankovic.

“I really thought it was genius what he did just taking other people’s material and re-writing it,” says Feldman.

He started writing his own song parodies of popular songs that he recorded on cassette tapes from the radio. He also got a few pointers from his friend the King of Pop.

“Being friends with Michael Jackson at an early age I would kind of compare notes with Michael. I would say, ‘you know I wrote this song what do you think about it or what do you think about this title or does this make sense musically?’ So I got a lot of direction from one of the greatest writers in music, which was very helpful being friends with him at that time,” says Feldman.

He started writing original music when he was a teenager and decided that if he was going to write songs they were going to have a positive message.

“I think the interesting thing about music is that obviously it motivates you, it moves your soul and it can hit you on a very subliminal and subconscious level,” says Feldman. “I made a very conscious decision at a very early age that if I was going to be a writer of music I didn’t just want to saturate the market place even more with superfluous, unmeaningful junk.”

The Truth Movement is an homage to classic rock because the ’60s and ’70s are when Feldman feels that artists were really writing from their heart and soul, something he strives for. The band’s newest album “Technology Analogy” questions technology “where did it derive from, where is it leading us to and ultimately will it bring us closer together or lead to our demise,” says Feldman.

With the album commenting on technology the music has classic rock influences merged with electronic sounds like house music that acknowledge both traditional and contemporary music styles. It features contributions from great classic rock artists including producer/musician Jon Carin, who is currently on tour with Roger Waters performing “The Wall” and who performed with Pink Floyd for 25 years.  Legendary English graphic designer Storm Thorgerson who designed numerous album covers for Pink Floyd (including “Dark Side of the Moon”) also designed the cover for “Technology Analogy.”

At the Lost Boys Ball audiences will get to hear the entire album performed live by Truth Movement. While the experience is sure to be a spectacle well suited for Vegas, Feldman’s music is more than just for show.

“I guess in forming the name Truth Movement, part of that was not just about the truth and not just about what I was writing or what the band was writing, but about everybody out there that needs to get together on the same page because let’s face it there’s a lot of dishonesty out there and there’s a lot of corruption in the world. I think that if we can all get on the same page, just for a moment, and create a movement with everyone where we’re together and we’re all working for this goal of truth, that it could be a beautiful thing,” says Feldman.


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