Our Black Friday travel deals are better than yours

We’ve been dreaming about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals since last year. We get it, it can be an unhealthy addiction but think of all the stuff you can buy for so cheap. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning with all the things you love and adore. Clothes need love too, okay? Don’t judge us. But what if we told you that there’s something better than swiping your card at your local Banana Republic? What? No! Call us wild for even thinking it, but there is. This year instead of filling our closets to the point where we can’t close the doors, we’re here to fill it with experiences. For eight days, Vegas.com is giving you the best reason to travel to Vegas. Which other website gives you money to travel here? Here are things to do in Vegas that won’t break the bank but will give you one kick-ass holiday experience.

Air + Hotel

This is the teeth-gritting part of the booking process. No one ever books a flight and goes, “wow that was easy and painless.” We all want to curl up into balls and cry ourselves to sleep because it feels like you just gave away your first born child. But after you click buy, the worst of it’s over AND (there’s an and) you have a roof over your head as well as the aircraft transporting you to Sin City. Plus, boom fifty dollars in your pocket because you booked with us. You can use that on a Las Vegas show, tour, attraction or whatever else you can find on our website. And if you think about it, this is probably less than you would spend if you were out there trampling little kids, grandmas or whatever else was in your way trying to reach that perfect winter coat. #winning.

Money Saving Tip: if you’re looking to cut costs, book your flight three months in advance and find a Las Vegas hotel located downtown. No matter what happens, as long as you have a Mai Tai in your hand, nothing can go wrong.

Photo credit: Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shows

Being dubbed the “Entertainment Capital of The World,” we pride ourselves on our jaw dropping, show stopping, heart-pounding shows. Las Vegas has everything from chart-topping divas to adult shows that are steamier than your morning shower. There’s no end to entertainment in this town, and even better, it’s all fantastic. We are a top contender like New York City, but instead of Broadway, we give you everything in the entertainment wheelhouse. Who really gets the better end of the deal? It’s a no brainer – Vegas. And while you’re enjoying one of these shows, you have peace of mind knowing that you are in a warm theater while people are sitting outside in the cold waiting for that scarf that goes with that perfect winter coat. Which, by the way, is only five dollars cheaper than it was last week.

Money Saving Tip: Las Vegas afternoon shows are filled with as much entertainment as a nightly show. Yeah, it might not give you the million dollar production value of a Cirque du Soleil show, but it will be intimate and hilarious. If you cut costs here, you can upgrade to a suite in your hotel or even check out that celebrity chef’s restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

Photo credit: Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas Tours and Attractions

This is your chance to unleash your inner Black Friday beast. There are sooo many thrilling things in Las Vegas and this is where you go all out. You can race an exotic car down the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at Exotics Racing, you can jump 108 floors off the Stratosphere at Sky Jump or you can slice through the air on a zip line at Slotzilla in downtown Las Vegas. The sky is the limit and this is where you get your adrenaline fill for the year. And this time it doesn’t involve playing tug-of-war with the mom fighting for that cute pair of shoes that have been sold out all season. Sorry crazy mom who has been waiting for this fight all year, we’re bowing out and getting crazy in Vegas instead.

Money Saving Tip: There are two types of Las Vegas tours and attractions. Ones that you go balls to the walls and don’t look at the price tag because this is your one expensive thing of the year. And there are those which are much cheaper but still give you that kick of adrenaline you need to be satisfied. Here is a list of some of our favorites: Dream Racing Experience, Erotic Heritage Museum, Vegas Indoor Skydiving, Vegas Nights and the Big Bus Tours.

Photo credit: Ceasars Entertainment

Las Vegas Restaurants

As much as we like to think liquid diets are the best ones, there’s still a need to eat three times a day…or so that’s what our mothers tell us. This is the number one area where you can cut costs and spend about as much as you would on a full winter ensemble. Instead of going to your dream restaurant during dinner, hit it up during lunch and the bill will be half the cost. Or, go to a Las Vegas buffet and stuff your face. If you do it right, that will count as two meals instead of one and your tummy will be satisfied for a long time. And the number one cost saver: head to Taco Bell Cantina. Yeah, it isn’t the gourmet dinner in Las Vegas you’ll tell your friends about, but they serve alcohol and that’s what counts. So, instead of waking up at 3 a.m. to go wait in line at a superstore, we challenge you to stay up that late with your friends and take food coma naps whenever you want. It’s like gaining a “vacation 15,” yeah that’s a thing.

Money Saving Tip: follow said instructions above and you’ll be surprised at how cheap your whole Vegas vacation is.

Photo credit: Caesars Entertainment

See, it’s not so hard charging all those experiences to your little plastic friend you love so much. Now instead of you being exhausted from ONE day of shopping and fighting, you’re exhausted from the once-in-a-lifetime memories you created with some of your closest friends. So, who got the better end of the bargain? You did.

And for all you traditionalists, we know you’ve disagreed with us every bit of the way because your love for clothes is deeper than your love of your latest Tinder match. So, if you’re still looking to shop while you’re on vacation, check out these places to shop in Vegas.


I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot…oh wait, this isn’t the intro to Bring It On. Hi, my name is Shaun and I’m a walking ‘90s cliché. Born and raised in Vegas, I’ve seen more casino implosions than most. You could call me an O.G. Vegas native because I’ve been here longer than Celine Dion (and that’s long). The ever changing scene keeps me on my toes and I’m always looking for those hole-in-the-wall experiences most veteran visitors don’t have till their 10th trip. If this were a superhero movie, I’d be the perfect sidekick during your Vegas vacay – you brought your tights, right? Let’s conquer this city, who’s with me?